Betterlife Life The Diary Game by @hafizhaseeb

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Hello friends

how are you all I hope you are all well friends today I am going to share a diary post with you this post is very good all the engagements I have done in my day in this post I will share with you friends so friends start I got up early this morning I did not come to brush my teeth and I went to the mosque I prayed in the mosque and sat in the mosque for a while and then I I came to my house, dropped it, drank a glass of cold water and then sat down for a while.

Friends, after a while, my mother prepared food for me.
and I ate and I got ready again and I I left for the madrassa. I went to the madrassa. Did you study there? I was studying there.
It was about one o'clock when I got off and then I prayed in the madrassa and then I When I got home I dropped a glass of drink and I turned on the TV and sat and watched TV for a while and then I because in the morning nation I went to my madrassa in the morning and kept reading. I felt tired. I fell asleep. It was about four o'clock after I went to bed. I woke up and I washed my face and I thought why not go out for a while and do some photography. So I went out of my house and I was going to see a place where the mechanics were preparing a house whose lantern was ready.


I made a picture of it and now share it with friends and then I went ahead and I saw a tree that was a coin compared to all the other trees. There was not a single leaf on top of it because it had just dried up because of the acid rain and that tree was right on the road.
There was something on the shore that was bad because it was bad and still I came in and I saw a kiln from which we get bricks to build our house. I saw some bricks there that I still put in the kiln.

Was going and she was getting ready and I quickly made a picture of her and then I saw at the same time some laborers were working there and they were on fire.
And with the help of which the bottom dough was cooking and then when I went a little bit I was passing by a canal that I saw that there was a small road next to each which looked very beautiful And it goes right along the road. I don't know where this verse goes but it looked so beautiful. I made a picture of it and when I was showing something else on the road it was very beautiful.
By this time it was almost afternoon time and I came back to the mosque and I prayed and then
I was going home when I saw on the way I saw a very beautiful flower in a place.

Take pictures and share with you and finally I saw a big tree of a very young age and I made a picture of it which looked very beautiful to see these trees are very beautiful and then .


I went to my house. When I came back I spent some time at home and then I saw that the sun was about to set and I also made a picture of the sun and now

the my friends.

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Your diary post is so well and you shared all activities with pics of the kiln and this is so amazing.