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Hello friends,

I hope you all are well. Friends, today I want to share a diary post with you. I will share all my daily activities with you people. So friends, start today. Speaking of diary post, friends, I woke up early this morning, I didn't brush my teeth and I changed my clothes and I went to the mosque, I went to the mosque, I prayed, I left the mosque after praying. I walked to the side and slowly came to my house.

I dropped a glass of water and I sat down and even after drinking a glass of water, my friends, I thought why not eat almonds today and almonds are something that is in my mind.
Almonds are an excellent food. About two hours after eating almonds, I ate and then again I went to my seminary.
There I studied till one o'clock. I stayed in the madrassa and then the call to prayer was made and I prayedAfter praying, I came to my house and I fell asleep because I was tired. When I woke up, it was about three o'clock. When I woke up after three o'clock, I washed my face and hands and I fanned again.
When it was four o'clock, I thought, why don't you go out for a while and look at the outside air and the weather outside? The weather was a bit bad and I thought, 'Go out for a while and head out.
' When I went out, I took some pictures from a nearby farmhouse which had a beautiful park and it is so beautiful to look at.
When I looked a little, I saw a crane lifting mud. Was throwing in another place and at the same time there was a seat from
which we get bricks and there were some bricks made by laborers whose pictures I made and shared with you and till
then it was time for Asr prayer. It was done and I went to the mosque to offer Asr prayers and after praying I went to the bazaar and I bought some fruit from there and came back home.
Then suddenly the weather got bad and in case of a storm the wind blew and a lot of dust started to fly.

I was in the market at that time and I took some pictures from there and then

when he was coming back to his house I saw him. That our neighbors bought a beautiful horse, its color was brown which is very beautiful and I made a picture of it which I shared with you that it looked very beautiful and its ride was very beautiful.
It's more fun. It was 6 o'clock at that time and I had to eat. I was about to eat from home when a memorizer came out of the house and said that today my meal will be from the madrassa to the madrassa. I told Hafiz to go to the madrassa and I would come to the madrassa for a while and then after a while I left my house and I was going from house to house when I saw a vegetable seller. They had raw mangoes which were very beautiful because it is still common in all areas and what is common in the farm is being sent to the markets and a little
I arrived at the madrassa late and I saw that there was a biryani that was very nice to look at and the food was also very good and I hurried and shared it with you
and then when I saw that As the sun was setting I quickly made this photo

and shared it with you friends

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Hi, @hafizhaseeb,

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Hello Assalamu Alaikum your photo is very beautiful and your post is very nice