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Hello friends

how are you all I hope you are all well and well then friends I am sharing a diary post with you today so friends I hope you will like my post friends Today we got up beautifully and brushed my teeth but I did not come and then I went to the mosque to pray there I prayed and recited the Quran and for a while sat in the mosque and kept on reciting and approaching When it was six o'clock, I came out and I saw that it was the season on the road, the sun was still rising, it was a very beautiful scene, but friends, at that time my mobile was in my house. I find out today I came to my house,
I came home, I sat for a while, I drank water and then I sat for a while with my family and talked and after that time it was about eight o'clock, then my mother John made a very high quality meal for me.
I ate and thanked my mother. Then I started getting ready to go to my madrassa. Then I went to the madrassa. I went there and continued my education in which I continued my studies and about one o'clock we were on leave so I stayed in the mosque and I offered Zuhr prayers
and then I went back to my house When I came back home, I was sitting for a while with my family. I had some funny things and then I fell asleep because I was tired. I have been gone since morning. I came back home at one o'clock in the afternoon and there. I kept on praying but I got tired so I fell asleep and after sleeping I had many dreams and as soon as I dreamed I saw that it was time for five o'clock and it was time for Asr prayers and I was going to pray. But I was late for prayers, then I went and prayed and then I didn't come back to my house, so I thought why not go and do some photography and I went there and took some more pictures and you Shared with friends and then i thought why not say and don't go there is a nursery farm near us
i went there i went there and took pictures of many plants Take pictures of these beautiful flowers and share them with others.
You will see a light yellow flower in it. You will see this flower. I have liked this flower the most in the whole winter and this flower in the flower.
I will definitely come back after buying the plant and then I took a lot of pictures from it and I was coming back when I saw corn husks in one place put in two so that they can dry out in front of them. Take them to the market and send them to the factories.
I made a picture of them and shared it with you. When I came forward, I was passing by a petrol pump that it was the most petrol pump. It is famous that the petrol of this pump is very good, its average is very high and I made a picture of this pump, a picture of the petrol pump and shared it with you,
and when something came up, I saw that I was there. I saw a lot of harvester machinery used for harvesting wheat,
so I quickly made pictures of them and shared them with others.And by that time I had reached near the mosque and I had to drink water from the mosque because I was in love. I had traveled a lot. I hurried to the mosque. I drank water from there through the filter and this filter You can see that there are three loaves of bread in front of it. Their water is very cold. This water is very clear and transparent. Most people use this water. Then when I was coming to keep my mobile in the house.


I saw that there was a big generator in the mosque. When there was no electricity, the worshipers did not have any problem due to electricity. This generator was burnt and electricity was provided. It is very big. There is a generator, the price will be very high,
so I was rushing towards my house at that time, I did a building that looked very beautiful to me and I made a picture of it and shared
it with friends and The sun was about to set so I quickly took a picture of the sun
and shared it with you. I hope you enjoyed my post

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Good work. I like your idea and photography very much.