My photography about creepy weather by @hafizhaseeb

5개월 전

Hi guys,

I hope that you will be well at your homes and safe places and today in this post I will share some beautiful pics with you that wonderful and that about amazing whether you know that some time ago weather became very e creep and I took some pics of creepy brothers because the wind was blowing fastly and weather was so creepy. In this creepy whether I took some pics that amazing so I shared it in a beautiful photography poster with you.
So friends, this first picture you are seeing is such a sight that I went to the roof of my house and there I saw that the weather was very bad and the weather was bad from one side and the sun was coming out from the other side too.

So friends who want to share with you in the next picture, they have done something like this, what has become a dhank on the stuff in which many colors are seen by you, if you see it from someone else, then it looks very beautiful.


So friends, in this last photo you can see how the sun is shining brightly and the sunlight is touching the heart.

After some time the weather became normal and I thank God.
So friends these are some pics that I take at the car when the weather became so creepy and shared my experience with you this was so really very powerful weather and I became very hopeless. So this was my experience that is shared with you I hope that you will share your experiences with me.


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Your post about the beauty of weather is very nice and informative. Keep it up.