Beauty of my Area || @icon11 Visit to Noreki Village || Enjoying Cool Weather||

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  • Good Morning Everyone!

  • How are you?

  • I hope you are well, and doing your best to learn this platform @steemit. I want to appreciate your work and motivate to work on this platform. Keep on learning and enjoying and enhancing your skills.

  • Beauty of Village


  • Everyone likes the atmosphere of the village, some like to live in such pure environment and natural environment. Very good earlier people's living conditions were very simple, people's diet was very simple and people did not take time for many diseases, but in today's age of science, people have made their life easy by bringing free in many diseases. Our lifestyle and daily routine decide how our lifestyle will be, how our life will be and how our health will be, we have to follow these things and make our environment better and better for ourselves, our children. The use of too many science things like snake charmers, etc., chemical and plastic bags have not affected our environment badly. If you have 100 years ago and today's environment then people were better than before. The life style of the earlier people was simple, their living was simple and they do not use too much chemical spray and fertilizer etc. It was very hot and my step was saying that I am free, let's take a bath, at first I thought for a while then I saw my insanity I said okay let's go, let's go out on our motorcycle from home. Road was being built on the way, due to which we took a long time. When I reached there, my cousins' friend was present there on the turbine.

  • Village Environment


  • In this picture you can see that the atmosphere of the village is so much green all and pure charpai has become greenery everywhere and the peaceful place. If you enjoy this environment, you get a lot of relief, the eyes get cool, the person gets the heart, rest here, especially in the summer days.

  • Enjoying Cool water of Turbine





  • My cousin was telling me time and again that I take a quick bath. Turbine water was too cold. Seeing the people who were already taking a bath, I could feel that it is definitely very cold and happy and our heat will be reduced by now. Then we got ready to take a bath and we started taking bath but the water was very cold and happily till very cold and we were enjoying a lot which the heat of summer was completely over. Rather it seemed as if there was no heat at all.
    Especial Mention:-

Enjoy Steemit and Summer Days in Turbine

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One of the best post and I hope that you will keep it up, man.
Your pictures are good-looking and these are giving amazing scenes.

Thank you so much!

wao that awesome pictures good enjoye with friend