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Assalamualaikum, I hope you are all well, I am very well, the combination of natural beauty is our Bangladesh, today I traveled in the midst of the beauty of Bangladesh.


Today we went out for a walk with all our friends, there is a big river next to our village, there are a lot of water hyacinths on the banks of that river, it is very nice to see these water hyacinths, I have come here to travel by boat.

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We were walking along the road, on a motorcycle, I liked the road very much, because this road is located on the river bank, I could enjoy the beauty of the river from the road, I really enjoyed that moment, I had a lot of fun on this road.

Camera: Samsung glaxy M31


When I go on a trip, bring my friend with me, because my friend is very dear to me, he always helps me, so I don't go anywhere without him, I love to hang out with him.

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My friend and I go for a walk every day in the afternoon, so today the two of us came to visit a brick kiln together, I never saw him make bricks,But bricks are no longer made in this lowland, brick making has stopped, the lowland is now abandoned.

Camera: Samsung glaxy M31


Then came the afternoon to see, my friend and I would go home now, but my friend said the sun would beautiful.It was so beautiful to watch the sunset, so I waited to see the sunset and this moment was really beautiful.

Camera: Samsung glaxy M31

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Have A good day

Beautiful dairy game post.

So beautiful your diary game

Walking along the river with friends is a different feeling.

আপনার দিনটি অনেক সন্দর ছিল। আর আপনার ফটোগ্রাফি ও অনেক সুন্দর হয়েছে।

Have nice day🙂