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It’s a copyright post,,
There is no copyrighted post will be accepted,, it’s very bad,, you are a new user so we warn you not to do this again, and you should immediately delete the post within 24 hours,,otherwise we will take Stape against you,,

Requested to visit here,


I am new here.I just try to write something And take some idea from online.I will try my best from the next time so that there is no xopyright issue.
Thank you for warn me.


Thank you for making the right decision. No copyright account is maintained in our community. You delete this post, create a new post. Delete your post within 24 hours? Thank you again


Ok. Thank time i will check and try my best to post unique post

Your post copyright from this site.
As a new user we warning you next time we will inform steem authority to take action. I will mute your post now with a small dawnvote, try to creat original content next time

Thanks for good work


I am new and it was my forst post on steemit.
I have no idea about this kind of copyright issue.please give me another time i will never make this kind of post.
Forgive me for the first time.
Thank you sir.