The Dairy Game/ I went to my aunt's house and chatted with my brother/Date:23 July 2021

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I am @razuan12 From ๐Ÿ‡ง๐Ÿ‡ฉ
Date:23 July 2021

How are you all i hope you are all well by the grace of allah today i will share some moments of our daily life with you hope you all see so let's start the wonderful moments of our daily life



It started with the name of Allah's infinite mercy and I woke up at 8 in the morning and came back from my sleep saying that I was eating, drinking, resting, doing some housework, working outside, taking some rest at home, watching all the housework. I took care of what was working then I went to pray on Friday.I went to pray at 12:30 and after praying I rested at home for a while. The picture you can see above was a beautiful moment. As soon as I saw it, I captured the camera. It was a wonderful moment to lose myself in such a moment.

This moment was really awesome. A buffalo was rescued. I spent some time with the buffalo. I took a selfie with him. After spending some time there, the road was muddy so I walked. I then left quietly then I captured the camera as soon as I saw the landscape with one of the big brothers

Then we chatted on the roof for a long time. Look, you put my sunglasses on the roof. I put the camera on my mobile phone on the roof. Someone took a picture by blocking the bar. Very simple with money, good design means good, very good, then slowly we left for home, to go home, we captured some landscapes on camera.


Then came the afternoon and slowly I went out again to take some natural pictures. There we read about how he always took his car games car and wandered around there for a while collecting it and came back again. Some of the suns looked very beautiful after turning around on the way and as soon as I saw them I captured the camera.

And Maghrib Azan I read Maghrib prayers and before that you can see how beautiful the day was and the sky blended with the sun in a very beautiful way. It looked very beautiful. Then I came home.

All of you will be fine. I am finishing at my daily center like today. Inshallah I will appear before you.


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Attractive diary game post dear

Your dairy game post is so beautiful .

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