Trip to Fojo das Valerias - S.Justa Valongo | Portugal

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After the tour around the Couce sierra, it was time to go back to the roots and make some more trails through S.justa.
As i mentioned in yesterday's post, we spent so much time in our lives planning trips away from the place where we live, either to escape routine, or to discover new places and cultures, or just because we think that there is nothing more to know in the place where we spend most of the time, and i fully understand this search, this search for what is distant, is the perfect analogy to the eternal search abroad for what we have inside, but i also said that this height of confinement has come to demonstrate, at least for me, that there is still a lot to discover in the place where we live, mainly in the forest where immense adventures took place during most of my adolescence and of which i still keep memories.





And that's exactly what happened on this trail that i share today, and that will be extended to another post where i will share the best part of this discovery :)
The tour started as normal, through trails already known until reaching a place that i did not remember having covered, it is certain that since my adolescence new paths were created and with them created access to places that in the past would easily have gone unnoticed due to its location, difficult access in the middle of a denser vegetation than today.





The path was divided into 2 and we decided to move on, starting with a very steep climb that took us directly to a higher ground where it was possible to see through a small clearing the city below, increasingly far away.
After crossing this higher ground, we quickly came across 3 more paths, all of them going up, there was no doubt, on this trail all paths would take us to the summit.
The path chosen was the middle one, which turned out to have been the right choice because this path, despite having a very steep and irregular slope, took us to a place where it was possible to visualize something that was hidden a little further low in the middle of the vegetation, and as you can see in previous posts, this mountain range does not disappoint :) if from here it seems that something is happening in the background, it is because it is happening :)






There we went to that place that turned out to be an authentic jewel, and when we got there i ended up verifying that we were nothing less than at the Valerias Fojo "Pit", where i went through one of the most risky adventures of my adolescence, but i will leave this story for the next post.
I really wanted to show you how this is inside, but i'll have to leave it for the next post :)





That´s all for today :)

See you soon

Thank you for watching :)

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