Touch therapy is best for a new born baby

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Oil massage before giving the baby a bath makes his bones strong and the skin beautiful. This is the reason why baby is massaged in most homes with oil, cream and lotion. But it is very important to get the doctor's advice before massaging the baby so that you can give the baby the right oil massage. Baby's skin is very delicate and sensitive. Therefore, even a little carelessness can become a threat to his skin.

Massage is beneficial for the child. Due to this, there is agility and quickness in the child, blood circulation of the body increases, due to which it develops well.


Actually, massage is a touch therapy, which most mothers do. By massaging the mother, its effect is more on the child, gradually the relation of the mother to the mother is strengthened. Not only this, many diseases are also overcome by massage. Daily massage makes baby happy.

Nowadays massage is done in many homes with meds, which has the advantage, but the mother needs to strengthen the emotional bonding of the infant by staying around. Although the child's association with the mother happens from birth, because the child is born with its womb, but the massage is a physical touch, which makes her feel more secure.

How long

In the first year, there is a greater need to massage the child, because after this he himself starts to be more active and starts exploring things here and there. He does not want to sleep. In such a situation, there is no need for more massage. Infants need more massage, as they lie in bed for longer. If the child enjoys the massage, then it is good to massage for two and a half years. This has the following advantages:

  • Massage increases blood circulation.

  • Baby bones and muscles are strong.

  • Physical development is right.

  • After the massage, the child feels hungry.

  • His identity increases.

  • Sleep well.

  • Weight remains correct.

  • The child stays away from irritability.

  • Immunity increases.

  • The child remains more active.

  • Her emotional connection with the mother is strengthened.

Choose the right oil

Correct selection of oil is very important for massage. Mustard oil, coconut oil and olive oil or almond oil are good for massaging all three children.


Most mothers massage the baby by mixing flour or gram flour in the oil, which stops the pores of her skin and increases the risk of infection. Apart from this, oil remains in the ears, thighs, armpits etc. many times, due to which there is moisture due to infestation. Therefore, clean the oil thoroughly from the child's body. Massage the baby with light hands.

Choose the right time for a massage. Do not massage after feeding or breastfeeding the baby. After the massage, wipe the oil from the child's body and let him play for a while. Take him bath again.

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