Always Use Decentralize Wallets - DO NOT "LOOSE" YOUR CRYPTO ASSETS


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This post is aimed at reminding crypto users why they should always use fully decentralized wallets, no matter the situation. Sometimes, the problem we have is trusting some exchanges or centralized platforms with our assets because of their reputation or the goodwill they've built for themselves, but I must say, anybody or any exchange can change their words or breach their contracts at any time.

They can breach the contract or fail their promise and their customers make it known to the public, but most times, they can't be held responsibly for the story they cook up regarding your lost asset.

The best advice I give to my crypto friends is always to be on the safer side. Most especially when you hold a large amount of Crypto that can affect your financial stand when lost.

This article in short is suggesting to you reading this to always make sure you use custodial wallets, wallets that are fully decentralized and will provide you with private key to access your wallet, anyday, anytime and from anywhere.

I strongly recommend Atomic Wallet. This is a wallet where you can buy, exchange and store over 300+ crypto assets.

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Wallet has good features every crypto user might need and customer support is amazing in case you encounter any problem.


See this post 👉👉 Atomic Wallet - Manage your Bitcoin, Ethereum, XRP, Litecoin, XLM and over 300 other coins and tokens and this Atomic Wallet - Airdrop Alert to get more information about Atomic Wallet.


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