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love is beautiful and it is an awesome feeling to know somewhere in this world there is someone thinking about you and smiling, that person is happy cos you are happy and they tend to feel more alive when you honor them with your presence.

In everyone lifetime, they are going to meet that person called a soulmate, a person that doesn't need to do anything to make them happy, just looking at them makes you feel so happy within and you won't think twice before taking them to an alter but being in love with your wife doesn't make you a good husband, there are other things to be considred.

which reminds me of a love story.......................

A rich girl who was already engaged to another man fell in love with a truck man, she couldn't resist the charming truck driver and his loving ways that she ended the relationship with the man she was engaged to marry the driver.. Getting married to a person you barely know for 2 months have some effect in their married life, she was brought up in a way different from the truck driver and this led to many fight between the two lovers..

Hey! Dont scatter your shoes all over the house, don't put the towl you use to clean your body on the bed it will get wet, be civilized, these are some of the complaint of the lady but the man wasn't used to such clean life styles, but one still remain, with all the fight here and there, they were still so madly in love with each other! so the loves keep them going until suddenly the man lost the little properties he had to the bank and when the wife tried to consult her family for assistance, he said no!

These led to a big fight and they break up, she went to her parent house but both lovebirds life was miserable, no happiness only torment of their separation haunting them day and night cos they can't live without each other. few days later, the man couldn't bear it no more and went to beg her to return home. she has been expecting the love of her life and after lil persuasion they went back home...

They re-united yet nothing changed but two lessons was learnt..

1] Understanding

  • they realised only love can't make a relationship successful, you must be willing to adapt to the lifestyle of your partner and also understand their way of life. you must be ready to cope with their flaws!

2 ] Love

  • Even tho only love can't do it but it is very important and that is why they re-united, they can't live without each other and have to stay together to be happy.


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Love is beautiful... Thanks for the tip.