Neoxian City Photo Challenge - Winter!

3개월 전

I love these challenges, and saw winter as the theme and it made me think what winter means to me. I am from New Zealand, and thus winter means short days, lots of rain and snow (depending on where in New Zealand you live...). However, since travelling Europe, my idea of winter has changed a bit. Winter in Europe is all about fun, family and Christmas. In New Zealand we celebrate Christmas in shorts or at the beach!

Tivoli Gardens Copenhagen 16 - 31 December 2017.JPG

My photo comes from Tivoli Gardens in Coppenhagen. We went there for new years a couple of years ago and it was incredible! All of the stereotypes of a white Christmas. Loads of cool rides and family fun and lots of good food! There were even some incredible fireworks to see in the new year and a really cool light show.

After the official fireworks happened the locals came out and did their own show, and that was impressive (and a little bit scary). Lucky we didnt get injured...

What an amazing new years!

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