Freewrite prompt no. 23 - Topic of the day : Insider





This is my 23th attempt in FreeWriting conducted by @mariannewest. The first thing comes to my mind from today's topic lies in domain of trading. You might want to check out recent prompt in this post.
Day 859: 5 Minute Freewrite: Wednesday - Prompt: insider

We always have been victim of inside trading at one point. This is not something uncommon to crypto world too. Many big exchanges have found to be guilty of insider trading at one point or another.
We have come to learn that these institutional investors are trying to maximize their returns regardless of whether it hurts us. This is also the reason why these groups actively try to attack common man's funds when they find if anyone is about to make big bucks.

This is a serious issue in the crypto world where even if people do everything right , they will get shadow banned for unknown and illogical reason.The crypto world needs to be protected from this kind of manipulation.

It is very important to not base investment decision on some arbitrary person but we should always do our research and safeguards our interests by taking some steps ourselves.


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