Freewrite prompt no. 24 - Topic of the day : Barn Door





This is my 24th attempt in FreeWriting conducted by @mariannewest. Today's topic is again gonna be in ramble style writing. You might want to check out recent prompt in this post.
Day 860: 5 Minute Freewrite: Thursday - Prompt: barn door

Barn doors are not so common to be found in every house. Some people are keen to specifically have them as they like it more. These doors are used in a kitchen as well as a back garden door so it is safe to leave it that way. These doors have two functions though. The first is they open inwards so the child can see the inside but it also doubles up as a wall blocking. The idea is that the child doesn't have to actually see it.
The second function is that the back door will either open inwards on its own, just like a normal barn door, or that the key fits in the hole in the back of the door and the door opens, straight into the nursery and the room.In some rare occasions, this can also serve as secret backdoor and can be hidden in plain sight.


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