The Nigerian first Corona virus case


Africa being one of the worlds famous places, that exposes and exhibits culture and diverse Languages. Has recently been cut up, with the recent virus plaguing the entire world. Some would say, is it an act Of God turning his back on his people. Or a virus/plague designed to wipe out countries for genocide or self gaining interest. I wouldn't say. But lets look into the recent happenings and begining times in my country nigeria.


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Now you can see the security officer taking preventive measures as to curb this virus from spreading. This is as of the begining times of the virus outbreak. Nigeria is indeed a great country. Blessed by God. We have experienced viruses in earlier times such as: the Ebola virus, collerra and so on. Even the HIV virus which we are all familiar with, still dwells in our mist. This is not an assurrance as to say, but a relief of mind. The corona virus in nigeria as been rampaging our lands in nigeria since February 27th.
It came about from a Nigerian Man called Dakar, returning from italy. Who probably didn't know he was a victim of such, came through the Nigerian Airport. And said to have had a free pass, reasons obviously being that of the lack of facilities, and items needed to curb the virus.
This was later, discovered and then to late, i.e being that he had already infected many nigerians. Now looking at these critical, yet simple case of this nigerian. You can then now identify numerous reasons and lack of governmental efforts as to the corona virus plaguing nigeria.
There is simply nothing to hide from, the truth must be spoken out. From one to over a hundred new cases sprouting up every day.
The case of the italian man came up in a very large state encompassing numbers of cirizens in nigeria, Lagos state to be precise. Also known to be a well indigineous and industrialised state in the country and in Africa. Now from lagos to ogun state and to some others.

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As a citizen of nigeria, i would not be in good state of health myself, if others are not properly carted for. A major diabolical role in nigeria, has always been lack of proper infrastructural facilities. The health care facilities is bad and not condusive. If so how can we curb this virus. The influencial and wealthy citizens give what they can, to the "GOVERNMENT". And also industries and also the government itself claim to help. Several billions of Naira's have been shared. Yet we still lack proper structure for health, with facilities to. Could we all rely on face mask, and sanitizers alone. No? . we need help in our economy. Politicians ravaging our money. Yet claim to help.
It is recently informed by our nigerian government, that they would pull out money from our foreign trade. And use it to curb the virus. So much money circulation, and yet no results. Instead new upcoming persons/citizens dying and getting this virus.


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Mosques, churches, industries. E.t.c have all fallen victims of these plague outbreak. Before the recent shutdown of these ravaging virus, it was established by the nigerian law government that gatherings in the country should not pass the range of 20- 50.
These was practised by all. Although some didn't comply, but they were punished. This act was later enforced by the security agencies in nigeria, such as the military bodies, and the police force. Thereon after, we are perpertually on full lockdown. Till now. The whole nigeria is on lockdown although said for two weeks, which also means students wont be going to school. Universities, are on shutdown. It was announced that the shutdown would be for two weeks. But still we aren't sure for how long. May God help us.

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