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Excellent and I hope you both have a fantastic night out. Also have you quit actifit?

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if you don't want the spam this generates then please leave a reply to this reply, i'll try to follow up :)

Thanks for your support :)

lucky there , a quick google tells me a vip ticket for Andrea Bocelli (here) comes down to a current 1968.9023829239118 steem ...
times 13 weeks is euhm ;-) ... i hurr they plan to bring it down to 4 weeks, which is ... a dire risk for them but in essence if something wants to be traded accessibility is a total issue, i dont know any market that stays in place for 13 weeks, congrats that you found something to do with it though and

(not that im interested in bocelli myself i just took the first name i thought to attract big crowd)

santana would set you back 1601.7674675504004 STEEM while the simple minds come at 1313.3265825892172 , all including VAT ...

eh, while im at it

nick cave says :

This event is not open to the public.

Celine Dion at 2222.5223787129016 and ... Alicia Keys at 1645.7468497457692 STEEM ... it goes on eric clapton lenny kravitz but

conclusion is : that's a hella lot of upvotes and manouvring between downvote trolls, im glad you could make it that far :D


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