2개월 전


On nights like this when the moon stands at a crescent, the stars glitter with their crazy shine, the night is eerily quiet, and I am occasionally interrupted by the croaking of a frog. It brings thoughts to my head of all that life is about.

We come in bustling as kids putting smiles on the faces of many. We go through life striving to achieve dreams. Sometimes the dreams are those of them who have walked the Earth before us, and if you are fortunate then the dreams are yours. But at the end of it all, when the mountain top has been dwarfed, and we begin to feel on top of the world, he who is rarely mentioned shows up to take his due.

It truly is sad that we all must die. Many run away from thinking about it, many push it to the back of their minds, and the honest ones like myself accept this fact and live with its reality daily. The reality that the grim reaper is probably next door waiting to harvest again, it gets some depressed but it gives me the strength to cherish the limited time I have here.

It makes me appreciate every good that comes my way and it shows me that I do not own what I have been blessed with, cos they all can be taken away in the blink of an eye. I hope you learn to see life this way too, because it will teach you to truly be appreciative. I choose to see death as a positive factor and motivator, what do you choose to see death as?

In spite of it all, never stop working to achieve you dreams my friends. Love you all to the moon and back, and from me it's Salud.

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