Is exercise overrated?


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So many of us lead the kind of lives in which we engage in the barest minimum physical activity daily. We drive around in our comfortable cars or rely on some form of transport or the other besides walking. We sit behind our desks and computers for hours. We sit through meetings or conferences and end our day with barely 2000 steps taken. We do all these and yet we wonder why we gain weight or why certain parts of our bodies ache incessantly.

It was discovered through research that prolonged sitting can be deadlier than smoking. Exercise and rigorous bodily activity are enough to banish many aches and pains. It is wisdom to be purposeful about daily exercise and bodily activity. It helps keep the body fit and healthy, increases bone health, improves memory, makes the skin look good, reduces stress, gives you more energy and reduces the risk of sickness and diseases. Is exercise overrated? Definitely not!

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Sis me,
Abeg leave matter for Mathias. Jumping from one okada bike to another or running to catch a ride is enough exercise for me jareee!!!!
The stress of the street is enough exercise for me.
I can not come and kill myself for gym oooo.
I don Waka.

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Hahahahah... I wish i could be you o... But being a middle aged woman comes with weight worry I guess. The calories don't melt as fast as thy used to

Exercise sometimes is highly overrated, try harder things like being lazy and broke

  ·  작년

😂😂😂😂😂 you eh, will not kill person.


Hahahahah... Oh gosh! This is epic


Yes o ur brain go rest