The People of Neoxian City -- Day 5 @zaku

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Day 5 out of seven and what world would be without @zaku after giving a long and in-depth study of @reazuliqbal just only yesterday.

Behold, the mighty Yodin @zaku.

@zaku and @reazuliqbal were born to the same mother and father. Ejected into this world as twins, they were  both joined just under the right eye. They remained this way for hundreds of years until medicine had advanced far enough where surgeons were confident that both would survive. 

Sadly, @zaku managed to keep the eye, and @reazuliqbal lost it, leaving him with his strange meta-human powers honed to a sharp point through thousands of years of using just one eye. This did not hinder their bond, and since freshly acquainted again, they are back in business together.

On with the show

Name: @zaku

Aliases: Yodin Zaku, Zaku McMakku, xawi hater

Place of Birth: On a farm

Age: 2000 - ancient and wise, but like Reaz, he pretends to be in his 20's to fit in.

Nationality: Bangladesh

Occupation: It is not clear what zaku does with his time, although it is largely spent playing splinterlands. So.. splinterlands warrior perhaps?

Likes: Cold, hard, liquid steem. Anything splinterlands. Dissing xawi

Dislikes: @xawi / anything @xawi / die @xawi

Most distinguishable trait: Although he is a twin of Reaz he strangely has the appearance of an anime character and walks and talks like a Chinese manga cartoon.

Mostly known for: Spunking massive wads of steem on Splinterlands and then going into #general-chat and going yay, look at what I've bought.

Early Years

Zaku's youth was tough on him, being joined at the eye with Reaz. 

He never liked farming, and he always had his eye on the big city. Even 1500 years ago when Reaz and his father were happily tending to their animals, zaku was dreaming of gambling with the big boys in the city, but was sadly stuck doing what his twin was doing, and that was nothing much at all.

About 1000 years ago the medicine in Zaku's area had upgraded from a rusty chisel to a knife, and they were able to separate both twins. But that didn't keep them from having that strong bond together. @zaku was the first to leave for the big city, leaving his brother to tend to sheep whilst he was gone. 

Zaku had big dreams and high hopes. He started off small dancing on the street for tricks and treats, and then used his earnings to gamble at big tables at night time. 1000 years ago @zaku was the largest millionaire in his city.

Sadly, he lost his fortune when Television, the Internet, and Anime came to the world. Spending his entire fortune on video games, and a failed anime TV show casting @xawi as the lead character. This is why there is such tough love between them.

Discord Years

After many years of trying to recuperate his losses over that stupid anime TV show (die xawi!), zaku came across a strange discord server that seemed to promote this wonderful land of splinterlands. Immediately @zaku was transported to a world of make believe and wonder, and could take him away from the horrible events of his losses.

Zaku now secretly owns splinterlands, having accumulated more DEC and cards than the core team themselves. Zaku now spends his days in his bedroom battling it out with poor feeble people that think they have a chance against him.

Noticing the fervor in which he played Splinterlands, Lord @Neoxian made Zaku a tribe team member and he now sits a-top with his brother, the eye of Neoxian, newly re-united, watching over all of us.

Closing thoughts

Well, to state what a good guy zaku is, this is his account. And without hesitation he lets me use it. So with all the funniness aside, another outstanding guy!

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@neoxian-city, Good to know that World 🗺 Of @zaku is so Old and Ancient. 😁😁

Have a great time ahead and stay blessed.

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I am absolutely loving this series! Don’t stop, keep it going beyond the 1 week mark!

Woof. I like neoxian and chicken strips.


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Mr zakulogy, he is a perfect man but he don't jokes with splinterlands..., That point die xawi🤣🤣💓 Soo sweet

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