The People of Neoxian. Day 2 @bearbear613

2년 전

So, this is day two and behold, I would like to introduce you to my friend bearbear, or DoubleBear which we know him as.

Bear Squared is a curious character; born with both hands attached to his genitals, doctors had to surgically detach them shortly after birth. This caused the loss of use in his arms and hands, and subsequently explains the daily sexual frustration from Bear in our Discord server. Bear spends most of his days talking to us via a pen in his mouth, from which he had mastered the use of his tongue and mouth through his wife who mumbled something about "too small" in an interview with her.

She was probably talking about his ego!


On with the show:

Name: @bearbear613

Aliases: Bear / Bear Squared / Double Bear / Pervy flasher guy / Perve

Place of Birth: Near some big-ass trees probably.

Age: Nearly at the big 40

Nationality: Canada. Sorry

Occupation: Something that doesn't involve the Internet, or a Discord server, but still somehow manages to come on and say hi nonetheless.

Likes: Sex, women, sex, women, sex, women.. did I mention sex? Oh! And building awesome buildings in minetest.

Dislikes: Boring Normans like @raymondspeaks. Anything but regular daily normal stuff. Feminism. Pity. Charity.

Most distinguishable trait: His sense of humour (which is surprisingly kick-ass actually)

Most known for: The horniest guy you will ever meet, ever. If you want a rampant non-stop chat that will drag you into depths of yourself that you never thought possible -- talk to bear for 20 mins.

Early years

If bear could write a biography of his early life it wouldn't be very long. It would start in some way similar to "when I was 4 I learned to play with my bits, and when I was 14 I learned to stop.. the end" Bear spent his entire youth chasing after young women and drinking beer. Nothing out of the ordinary here.

Like most Canadian men, bear found his youth challenging. Especially when he had to weigh up the balances between trying to take the lead in his relationship and then due to his Canadian nature, apologising for it every five minutes. It is rumoured that he offsets this imbalance by coming on Discord and acting like he hasn't had sex in 20 years.

Discord Years

Bear joined The Neoxian Discord at around the same time as I did, about 5-6 months ago. He quickly rose to fame with his innocuous sexual comments in our discord, and finally earning the heavy-weight championship in gutter-dragging conversation to which he earned his own room from Lord @neoxian to let his innuendos fly free.

He has been known to let his other personality slip from time to time suggesting that he actually IS a really decent guy under all those innuendos and the flirting with the women, but that is quickly knocked for six when he notices that chat is getting a little too serious. Bear doesn't like seriousness.

Bear dislikes charity and won't accept gifts or prizes. He prefers to earn his winnings, so don't send him anything because he'll dispute it and complain. Quite frankly, he doesn't think he needs your chairty! But upvotes are appreciated! Haha.

Closing thoughts

Underneath the bravado, and when he's not in Discord with his duffel coat on, flashing at unsuspecting passers by, Bear is actually a really decent person. A laugh, a good man, a good father, and an outstanding guy.

Yeah, pretty much all of us like him in there.

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I promised myself I wouldn’t cry..

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I found such life with curiosity and cute. 🥰🌻


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