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Hello, Gamers!
Today, I am going to do a short review of "Clash of Clans" - which is a 2D mobile game and it happens to be the first one that I played on my Android phone. It was published way back in 2012 by "supercell". It is a strategy game where you have to build your village and prepare an army. You can attack solo or join a clan to engage in multiplayer battles.

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The game is preloaded with nice little freebies at the start and you are given a builder as well to upgrade your village. You are given a plot of land which contains many unnecessary items like rocks, trees, and bushes but while removing them with the help of a builder, you may get some gems and other resources. You will need to mine the gold and collect the elixir to speed up the building process.


After you start collecting resources like gold, elixir, and gems, you can start building your village with the help of a builder at some cost. You will have to spend either gold or elixir to start building your village or your defense. Gems are used to speed up the process of building and once you have enough gems, you can unlock more builders which will really help you build your village faster.

Forging an Army

You will also need an army of soldiers as you will have to attack other villages. To build an army, you will require elixir which you have been collecting from the start. There are many types of soldiers available and you will keep unlocking them once you mine more gold and collect more elixir. You will also be able to prepare spells that can be cast in the battle to go your advantage.


This is the most exciting part of the game as all you have done so far is to be tested in the field of battle. There are two types of battles, single-player and multiplayer. While you are away, someone always keeps attacking your village for loot and you can take revenge by attacking them back. You can also search for villages with a good amount of resources to be looted but it's always wise to attack the village with Town Hall level the same or below yours. You can also attack a village with a higher Town Hall level but make sure that defense of the enemy is weak.


Now, the best part of the game is when you join a clan and attack your enemy. You can make strategies about your attack and who is to attack a particular village. This is probably the best plus of the game. You are allowed two attacks per battle and you are given stars depending on how well you executed your attack. If your team wins the war, it will be given rewards which will help your clan get more visibility and reputation.


I think the success Clash of Clans has had over the years speaks for the game itself. Though it is not a perfect mobile game especially when it was in the early stages. It took ages to upgrade buildings and armies and as a result, many players gave up. But that has improved now and now you can reach higher levels pretty fast. The community of Clash of Clans is very vast and keeps growing as Supercell keeps rolling out updates. It can still do some improvements but as far as my little knowledge of gaming is concerned, it is one of the best mobile games I have played.

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