The Silver Penny Project: SLVP on the RISE! Great STEEM shelter!

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The Silver Penny Project: A Silver Backed Token

A Steem-Engine token that can be exchanged for historic silver coins! You can purchase real silver with STEEM!

25 SLVP = 1 Historic Silver US Quarter

These are the actual quarters redeemable with SLVP tokens.
March 12th, 2020

If you've been HODL'ing SLVP, the value of your investment has grown! Congratulations!


Silver is @ $15.42

Silver took a nosedive, making it an excellent time to stock up on the good ol' AG. Hopeful we would see $18 again, but it's on it's way down to who knows what.

March 12th, 2020

STEEM has Gone Back to the Sad Old Days

STEEM is back down around $0.10 It's tracking right along with Bitcoin, so if BTC goes up, it's likely STEEM will too.

March 13th, 2020

What a rollercoaster!!!

Silver @ $15.42 USD
STEEM @ $0.109 USD

Every week, prices are adjusted according to Silver/Steem prices + premium according to the above values.

What is the Silver Penny Project?

When silver prices drop, enthusiasts run to their local coin dealer with fiat in hand. But what if you wanted to purchase AG using STEEM? Do you know any silver dealers who accept STEEM? One does... it's the Silver Penny Project!

Actual Redeemable Silver Quarters

Silver Penny
MAX SUPPLY: 100,000

The Silver Penny Project:

  • Each SVLP is redeemable for 1/25 of an historic pre-1965 US silver quarter
  • Token selling price is pegged to 0.007232 OZT silver + premium
  • Tokens are redeemable for silver quarters (Redemption Period Has Begun!)
  • Contact @thesilverpenny on Discord before sending any tokens!

Send a minimum 25 SVLP to @thesilverpenny and contact us on discord here for shipping arrangements. We will send a randomly selected pre-1965 silver quarter and mail it to your address. SLVP tokens can be bought and sold in all countries, however silver quarter redemption is available only within the continental US.

Tokens Backed With REAL Silver

This is a great opportunity to easily convert your STEEM into historical "junk" silver coins you can hold in your hands and add to your stack. Dates vary from "unreadable" to 1964. Which silver quarters will you get? Who knows! It's random!

The initial sale will be for 1000 "Silver Penny" tokens (40 Silver Quarters), a full silver quarter roll.

Please considering following @thesilverpenny for updates. If you have any questions contact us on discord.

All token prices are subject to free-market conditions.

These are the actual silver quarters backing the SLVP token.


I hope this post has been useful in explaining the Silver Penny Project and that you can see the investment opportunity here. This is an easy way to "ride the wave" when silver prices recover, which some predict will be very soon. This token gives you the potential of holding physical silver in your hand, for STEEM. I'd like to chat more, look me up on discord here.

Silver on!

Now Available On STEEM LEO Shop!

SLVP are now available on Steem Leo Shop at a flat rate of $0.15 USD per token. A great opportunity for people who are unfamiliar with Steem Engine and prefer a traditional shopping cart experience.

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Upvoted and resteemed. I never understood why they call it junk silver when in fact it isn't "junk." Silver is silver no matter what! Junk belongs in the trash.


Well, you have to remember that U.S. silver quarters are not pure silver, they're 90% silver and 10% copper.


Yes, each quarter is 0.1808 troy oz pure silver (90%) with the balance (10%) copper.


I agree, it shouldn't be called "junk", maybe it's camouflage for it's true value. :-)

Would be a good time for any US Steemian to pick up a few of these.


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I agree! SLVP sent!


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0.10 SLVP sent

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resteemed... crazy that silver is following stock market


I would have expected silver to moon, can't complain about discounted silver!
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Thank you for all you give. 🙏 Here's some !trdo for us🤞


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Well, I certainly like the idea of this. It would be interesting to add some 1/4 ounce and 1/2 ounce silver rounds to this.


We may add other constitutional coins in the future, depending how this goes. But just quarters for now.

Please post more about how to value weights of these coins. They are sold on ebay by the lb and half lb bags. Help us understand the market value of those weights. I need to get sum. Resteemed.


Each silver quarter has both silver value and numismatic historical value. Depending on silver price and demand, each quarter can be worth between $2.75 (or less) - $3.75 or more. Because of Covid19, silver demand is very high, even when "silver price" is low.


So i suppose that when buying a bag of coins that are specific troy weight how would you calculate their value? I am thinking (troy weight)(percentage of metal)(spot)=value in spot currency.



0.10 SLVP sent!

"Arr ye gabbin' aboot coppers Lass???" -Keptin

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