EMpathways Writing Contest EXAMPLE: "If I could be any three creatures, what would I be and why?"


This is my example post, for the EMpathways Writing Contest, 2/2/2020: "If I could be any three creatures, what would I be and why?" I will not be eligible to win this contest, but as prompted by @wakeupkitty, I thought I should share my own and give an example for others to follow (loosely.) Here you are!

"If I could be any three creatures, what would I be and why?"

wolf contest.jpeg

The Intellectual and Fierce Wolf


I choose this predatory, inquisitive animal, because they are intelligent and complex. My nickname for a long time has been, "Lobo," meaning "wolf" in Spanish. There are hundreds of people that do not even know me by my birth name. This nickname, was given to me when I was in prison, but my connection with wolves started long before then.

Wolves are considered, sentient beings. This means that they are intelligent and have an emotional depth, similar to humans. They run in organized packs that are comprised of mated pairs. They mate for life, and one of those mated pairs are the "alphas."

The "alpha" pair of mates (male and female wolf mates) are the pack leaders. They get the first eats when prey is captured, and they decide how the hierarchy of wolves function. "Alpha" status is decided by various displays of aggression and dominance. The female, even takes total "alpha" status, over the male when raising pups. The pack brings the first picks to her and the pups, to keep them healthy and happy.

I love dogs. They seem to be naturally drawn to me. When I walk into a new friends house, if they have a dog, I often tell them, "your dog will be sitting on my foot, before I leave." It happens, virtually every time.

All dogs are descendants of wolves. Even chihuahuas. Over many generations, they have been bred to fit different needs in humans. The relationship has been a sort of mutual parasitism, that started with a human's ability to offer food, in a wolf's time of need.

Another interesting fact about wolves, is found in their use of howling. Howling is not an arbitrary action, in wolf-dom. It is used when preparing for a hunt. It is also used when mourning, or when one of the pack's members is lost. The lost wolf howls, and the pack responds to help them in their return. Wolves in a pack can distinguish each other's voices, individually.

More proof of wolf intellect, is their usage of the howl to hide the size of their packs. They are capable of howling at many different pitches, and they do so sometimes to ward off contesting packs. The changes in pitch can cause other wolves to second guess an attack for territory, because it may sound like there are more wolves in their pack. Humans have guessed the number of wolf packs to be 20 wolves strong, based on the sound of the howls. In actuality, there may have only been 3-4 wolves in the pack.



The Proud and Ferocious Lion

Why, choose this enormous cat?

The "King of the Jungle" is my next choice, because of their "pride" and structure. These delegate hunters and vicious tyrants are a family oriented group. A family of lions is called a "pride." They develop, sex-based, coalitions for effective survival and breeding.

Mothers often take their daughter cubs, under their wing, whereas all young males go out to seek unrelated mates. The male coalitions stick together, and dominate female prides. Then, the two "pride" coalitions, exist together, as one pride of both sexes.

The females outnumber the males in a pride. Females go out to hunt, and the males are primarily utilized in the defense of each individual pride, against other contesting prides.

Lions are highly affectionate creatures, but they have strict rules when it comes to offspring. Females will not mate during the first 18 months of their cubs growth. If a new group of males enters the female pride, becoming a new coalition, then the male lions will kill any cubs that are not their own. Also, if a female pride is part of the new coalition, the females will also kill the other pride's cubs, but never their own.

This is different than in wolves, who simply won't allow subordinates to mate. In a wolf pack, if subordinates want to mate, then they have to leave the pack in secret to do so.

Last, but not least!

The Mythical Phoenix, Rising From the Ashes

Why, this mythical creature?

This fiery bird, symbolizes positive change in my life, and allows for second chances (for which I am certainly grateful.) There are few that have not heard of the legend of the Phoenix. The legend, is that this bird had a lifespan of a few hundred years. It would prepare its nest with myrrh and other spices, in preparation for it's death. When it would die, it would burst into flames. From the ashes of it's nest, would rise a young, new Phoenix, strong and full of new life.

The concept of the Phoenix has been used world-wide in relation to rebirth, change and new beginnings. But where did the story of this bird come from?

Initially, I thought that the legend of the Phoenix was from Greek mythology, as it was mentioned in the, Talmud. I was incorrect. The first mentions of the bird were in Egyptian texts, which mentioned a heron-like bird, the Egyptian "Bennu." The bird was a part of their creation myth.

It was later found in Greek texts, where it coined it's name, "Phoenix." A Greek historian, by the name of, Herodotus, claimed that ancient Heliopolis' priests had made reference to the creature. They had told, that the bird lived for 500 years, before igniting itself on it's own, funeral pyre.

In Asia, the Phoenix is the symbol of the Chinese empress, and is the symbol of feminine grace. It is also reference to the sun, the south, and is considered to have the highest prominence of all birds. If the Phoenix is sited, it means that a new and wise ruler has climbed upon the throne, and that the ages to come will be grand.

Thank you! This has been my example post for "EMpathways Writing Contest: "If I could be any creature, what would I be and why?"

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I will not be eligible to win, this is just and example post and my sharing.

Thanks again, and I hope to see your posts in EMpathways Writing Community!


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I really loved your post as you have given your original thoughts as per your inner conscious which other people do not reveal. Your post reveals to be true to yourself.


Thank you for your thoughtful comment! I'm glad you enjoyed this. :)

Steem on!