Stages of Lead Generation (tools for marketing Steem)


"How do we get them in?" (A short study on lead generation for Steem)


I read a post by @tarazkp, that alluded to effective Steem marketing, that starts in the curiosity of a potential, new Steem user.

This is applicable to both Steem community, or anything else that one might want to promote. Of course there are many different ways to market, but this should explain some of the marketing strategies that I use when writing for a company, or an audience, when trying to convert prospects to consumers.

In this case, any time that I mention consumers, think of them as new Steem users (consumers.)

Let's begin:

Relating with your audience, is a key part of converting your audience base, to a consumer base.

Well, good thing for Steem, we pretty much got this one HANDLED! With tons of different content, it is easy for someone to relate to this fledgling

Why is this so important for increase in conversion rates, from non-Steem users, to Steem users?

Basically, lead generation means, getting an audience more and more interested. First you expose them to a concept, then you get them interested enough to look into it. You close the deal by showing them that, getting involved, makes their life better, somehow.

Fortunately, for Steem community, rewards are an obvious benefit. Armed with monetary earnings, tons of great content and freedom of speech as perks, we pretty much got this one nailed! Steem is straight up, AWESOME, all around. At least, once we're IN.

One hang-up for inducting new users, is that the learning curve for use of this platform is difficult. Especially, for non-crypto users. If you have never accessed a crypto wallet before, the endless strings of hash would seem foreign. I know they did for me.

It took me a long time to start using my Steem account. This was primarily because I didn't know how to operate it. I was confused by the keys, as an infant crypto user.

Once again, we are progressively getting this nailed down.
The many front ends that Steem has developed, have been making that trip to the Steem community, more and more fluid.

Lead Generation Marketing, has a couple different stages. Those stages are subjugated by the status or "qualification" of a prospect, or in this case "new Steem user."

There are a couple of states that a "lead" or "potential new user" can be in. Here is the terminology that I will use to describe these states, and their respective qualifications, as Steem community prospects:

Marketing Qualified Lead is a potential new user, that views the content, but does not engage at all. They are exposed to the content (in this case, posts on, or about Steem,) but they don't join Steem, or take any action to learn about it. They aren't curious enough to ASK about it, or search to learn more.

This is bound to happen. We live in an ADD world, full of short-attention spans. Steem will be waiting for them, when they catch interest.

Sales Qualified Lead is a potential new user, that is curious enough to ASK, or search more information about Steem. These potential users, are the closest to joining our community, as they have their own interest in Steem.

When a potential consumer is in the MQL (Marketing Qualified Lead) status, it takes something special to influence, and convert them to a SQL (Sales Qualified Lead.) In the MQL stage, they see your product or community, but they look away, mostly unaffected.

However, each exposure to Steem's content, will hopefully beg the question, "do you want to be a part of this?" Steem author's are increasingly good at developing hooks. We are always refining this art, drawing more people into our posts, and we write the best content that we can, hoping to gain a follower. This Steem machine, is a self-fulfilling ball of fish-hooks, snowballing over potential new users, hooking them like unsuspecting fish.

The catchy content can take viewers from an action-less state, by getting them to swat at your product, or community a couple times. The "swatting" is the action of inquiry. We want them to ASK about it. They will never make any solid commitment, if they are not curious enough, to learn more.

With so much content on Steem, some of it is bound to hit various audiences in a captivating way. Each exposure that they get, will cause them to ask different questions. Those questions are based on what each viewer is uniquely drawn to. "Do you want to read about natural medicine's home remedies?" "Do you want to learn to cook a new dish?" "Do you want to experience places all over the world and incredible photography?" "Do you want to learn about finance and cryptocurrency? Diesel mechanics? Art?" The list goes on.

Each time they answer, it is a micro-commitment on their part. These micro-commitments, can eventually convert non-Steem users, into Steem users. The more exposure that we get, the more micro-commitments we get and the further we get toward our goal of mass adoption. This is why PoSh (proof of share) is so important. Cross-posting on other social media helps to get us that exposure.

A SQL, is an inquirer, but this stage is still not the final stage. Like a curious cat, they watch your product dangling before them. They paw at it, once or twice, which lets us know they are interested. That is the problem with inefficient lead generation. They WATCH, they swat and show interest, but they may never POUNCE.

This is what the front-ends of Steem are dealing with. They are helping to take that "swat" at Steem, and convert it into a new Steem user, by making it easier to join up.

If a marketing strategy is effective, we turn that curious SQL kitten, into a satisfied consumer. How do we do this? Through effective article writing, blog writing, community influence and killer content. We pair that with improving ease of access on our front ends. This is part of why I believe SMT's are important. They are part of our front ends, and our front ends have been a valuable part of Steem's goal for mass-adoption.

The consumer's idea, is always better, to the consumer, than anyone else's ideas. Their thoughts, their searches, and their curiosity set the stage. What's the play? Their actions, their new user accounts, are our communities, cabaret.

We hook 'em.

We relate with them, because we are all human.

We show them value.

We make it easy to join. (Through our front-ends.)


We all win!

-Article by Jonathan Caleb Williams, @badseedalchemist

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