A Long Fall - Dark Souls 3


Death is a common occurrence in Dark Souls. Watching how others in this game have met an untimely fate can be both foreboding and funny. This is the latter...

Dark Souls makes it really easy to see how people have died by placing bloodstains around the map that document their final seconds among the living. Activating a bloodstain will cause a red ghost to appear and show what they were doing leading up to their death.

Watching this person jump off the map just makes me giggle lol. They didn't even miss the first ledge by that much


On a side note, I made a Pyromancer that I'm morphing into a Cleric. The miracles I have access to early game are not very useful for clearing maps and killing bosses. Pyros and Clerics can both get bonus damage from the FAITH stat, so I'm rocking those flame spells until I'm far enough in the game to get Lightning Spear. From then on I'm full Cleric.

Having fire spells also made clearing out the knights at the High Wall of Lothric much easier. These guys can be tough to deal with early. Being able to cheese them easily with fireballs was awesome, so I farmed them a bunch for their armor and got the chest and legs which I'm wearing in the video. I think that armor looks sick, especially with the tattered cape and the design on it.


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