Prithee, be Careful!


So I'm a bit late to the Dark Souls party, but I've been grinding this game so hard over the last few months. I played the shit out of Dark Souls 1, I don't wanna talk about Dark Souls 2 lol, and I finally got Dark Souls 3 after a few years of waiting. Got er' for $25 CAD + applicable taxes including the SEASON PASS FUCK YESSSSSSSS! IT IS MINE!! I'M PLAYING DARK SOULS!!! I'm nerding the fuck out over this game.

Anyways, I'm at the end of my first playthrough on my main. I have my char specced for the Paired Ringed Knight Greatswords, with some extra DEX (plz don't tell anyone I leveled that) on there so I have the pre req for a few other weapons. One of those weapons is the Splitleaf Greatsword! This thing is a halberd, no sweet clue why it's called a greatsword, but it kicks ass either way.


With the endgame at my fingertips, I've been doing a lot of grinding in the ringed city and doing PvP duels. I'm mediocre at PvP, and I lose most of my PvP duels, so this is not a good reflection of my regular performance haha. I was down to 1-shot health in a duel the other day and pulled off a win. Here she is folks

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