Returns so Far Great in New Splinterlands Quest Reward System

5개월 전

At first hearing the revamping of the quest rewards system I was very anxious and excited. I think this has been overdue and with everything on the plate of the development team I am presently surprised, or more like shocked at how well this could work. For the longest time season rewards were being mined, which is fine, but the abuse of the spirit of the system's guidelines as usual with bots with low level cards were becoming a problem, and I am thrilled it's been addressed and continues to be a point of emphasis. If you have the cards and are creating a bot I have absolutely no problem with that, but abusing the system unfortunately will come with consequences, that being it will not work for long.

Completing today's quest I was lucky enough to pick a few nice reward cards and five charges of the legendary potion. Which prompted me to pick up an orb due to "criminally low" DEC prices. All said I spent about $1.30 to pick up an orb with the extra steem purchased for the orb and the five alchemy charges, which I am glad I did as you will see in a bit.

Here are the quest rewards...

And here is the orb I opened...

Of course it's always better to be lucky than good. Thanks for the read best of luck on the monster battles.

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Congratulations for gold foil....
I personally sont like the new reward system..


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