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The changes that have taken place in Steem in the last weeks open new possibilities to take advantage of and in the same way I would like to extend a proposal from me and my team (@teli , @inteligentzia) so that we can collaborate together in the consolidation of our projects in the Steem Ecosystem. being a team that has served the Steem community since almost its inception deserves to be part of it in a more active way on the platform, so I have designed 3 plans for Orinoco to finish addressing Steem fully and being a project with its own voice among the witnesses of Steem and as a flagship project of the Hispanic community.

1 - Project of healing

"we are not only changing what the user has earned, but we also have the capacity to reward the user so that he can change it with us "*

Build a growth model based on Steem: its actuality, activities that promote currency and community as well as reward users and delegates while generating sustainable growth of the @orinoco account

  • The first phase would consist in establishing the basis of this new project, setting objectives as well as the methods so that these plans can prosper, while looking for users who wish to delegate their SP in exchange for some dividend or simply to support our project.

  • After the base has been built and a decent SP has been collected, we arrive at the second phase where the curators come into play. This phase is based on the search for quality content of an informative-practical nature regarding Steem, its ecosystem and how it can be promoted both on other platforms and in the mainstream economy in Venezuela.

  • The idea is also to generate a space where new users can learn the ways and how to develop in Steem, a didactic guide consisting of both audiovisual and written material with the aim of not only attracting users but also to beautify the platform and attract new delegations to the account.

  • Once the project is consolidated, the option of being a Witness on the platform can be explored, setting up the first Steem servers in Venezuela and emphasizing more on the adoption of other users to the platform (since it is from them and their currencies that Orinoco has a stable operation)

2 - Steempress at

To be able to have the support of a team like steempress in the early stages of the project is very helpful to upload the SP and start saving Steem, so starting a blog in with posts about how to use Orinoco, or articles about Steem is a great bet for the project".

Steempress has been helping Wordpress users to migrate their contents to Steem in a completely automated and simple way for years. Since the Orinoco team has a website with wordpress, the idea is to install the plugin, to be able to win the vote of Steempress and to start posting tutorials on how the platform works or how Steem and its communities work.

In this way we help users who are already using the service and promote new strategies that users can use to improve their experience both on the platform and with the Orinoco team and the Steem community in general.

  • An additional point I can add is that when the project has a certain path (high SP and presence in the community) you can ask the Steempress team to make TRAIL to the Orinoco community, this will allow the project to vote with the @steempress account and make a quality jump when rewarding content.

Steem adoption in Venezuela

Steem as a currency presents one of the most interesting challenges of all the Blockchains in the market, its characteristics such as the fact that the transactions are instantaneous and have no commission and the possibility of monetizing pieces of content in a direct way between the curator and the author. This added to the need that Venezuela has to look for alternatives to the trade means a unique opportunity to attract people and businesses to use Steem so one of the phases of the project that we propose is based on the "how" to advertise Steem in the media to take advantage of this opportunity.

  • P.1 | Include companies to use Steem in their business.
  • P.2 | Emphasize the pro's of adopting Steem as a daily currency in the inhabitants.
  • P.3 | Focus on making posters and billboards with the support of the Steem community to place in different strategic points of the country.
  • P.4 | Perform various reports on the situation of the adoption of Steem in the country to take control of our operations and to determine better solutions to the problems that arise.

Putting on the table that Orinoco is one of the few companies that contribute significantly to the market and its customers can even help mount a future Steem Proposal of some kind that can help expand the company and the cryptomoney of Steem.

The recent downturn in the market serves as a perfect starting point for finding investors and making the project known to English-speaking users who have more control over Steem. Witnesses are always willing to help if the ideas match what they are looking for, which is mostly a better approach from investors to Steem.

I make available my contacts to continue talking about this initiative and how the team of @inteligentzia can help to mount it. I leave my contacts in discord

Discord: cerati on steem#6317
Whatsapp: +58 4248850303

This proposal and its use is protected by @steemcleaners and @cheetah defending the intellectual properties for more details you can contact me at my Whatsapp

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