Some pictures from Moscow !

25일 전

This is my third post to share my old pictures !

In this post I would like to share the pictures I took when I traveled to Russia in 2010 !

10 years, that's really a low !

Here we go :


I even consider this picture the best I ever took. I feel myself like an actor there who is traveling the world. I also like that some people are behind me and not even looking at the camera. Everyone is busy, like in a movie. lol


That was my first picture in that age in the red square after leaving Russia for 12 years. I was missing it a lot !


I liked as well those people made from sand. One of them looks like Stalin.


I liked also that big bird in a park in Moscow !


And this is the coolest one I took with a guy there looking like Stalink and I still remember that he took about $2 for that. lol

I hope you enjoyed this post !


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as an indonesian i know russia has big role in relationship. many indonesian send there to study when our president was sukarno. unfortunatelly, regime change and many indonesian banned by government so they live there until now.
i see politic is cruel.
anyway your pic are awesome as you said.


Thanks a lot. I had some indonesian friends here when I was a student. They are good people.


Wow it great! You make me glad to be your friend/follower i Steemit/twitter too.


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