Exclusive Interview with Dcooperation Member, @cryptokannon

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This is a DC Collaboration with @cryptokannon, and we are so happy to have you answer some questions to learn a little bit about you and your Life on the block chain and outside the block chain

Q- Where are you originally from ??
A- I was raised in Malaysia, specifically Sarawak state of Malaysia.

Q- Where do you reside now ??
A- Now living in Japan

Q- Whats the current weather like where you're at ??
A- Sunny and still cold but chilly winter almost over, and Spring is just around the corner

Q- Do you have a family ??
A- Yes, I have 4 children.

Q- What's your favorite thing to do outside of Steem ?
A- I love spending time in Nature and reading books.

Q- How did you find out about Steem ?
A- My facebook friend posted about steemit, blogging platform where you can earn crypto by liking and creating contents.

Q- What are you most excited about Steem ??
A- SMT release that will bring more value to STEEM token

Q- Where do you see Steem going in the future ??
A- Steem is a hidden gem that yet to be discovered, once steem gets the exposure it needs, steem will be the most valuable token in future.

Q- Where do you see the future of Dcooperation ??
A- People from all over the world rich with diversity collaborating with each other to create great contents.

Q- Where do you see yourself in 5 years from now ??
A- Still actively using steem blockchain to socialize

Once again, thank you @cryptokannon for this one-on-one Collaboration via text and giving us some insight into your Life :)

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hi @robertandrew thank you for doing this collaboration post. Could I have the same question for you too? I will post your answers on my blog and post it on dcooperation as you did to mine.


Sure !! Thanks :)

  ·  3년 전

Nice interview. This was really interesting and informative. It is always interesting to get to know some new steemians that I might not be already following.