Dolphins in love : Shadow Photo Contest- Round 104 Let's celebrate the 2 year anniversary


In celebrating the Shadow Photo Contest-Round 104 2 year anniversary, I present you with 2 dolphins in love:


These lovely dolphins came from a little souvenir and gifts shop, somewhere in Perth, which sold cute and beautiful wooden carved items. I was attracted to them the moment I saw them during my visit there. The dolphins are really light but I am not sure what wood they were carved from as I forgot to ask the shop owner. If I remember correctly, they were carved by the indigenous people of Australia. I was amazed by the smoothness of the carving and I especially love that it was wood with grains that are unique for each dolphin.


I placed them face to face, leaning on each other, against the bright morning sunshine. And because they are so light, by placing them at a certain angle, they were able to stand in each other's belly.


This is my first entry to the Shadow Photo Contest and I had a lot of fun putting this together. It is an honor too, to be able to participate in this contest's 2nd year anniversary. I hope to be able to continue to join in the weeks to come.

This is my entry to @melinda010100's Shadow Photo Contest Round 104 Let's celebrate the 2 year anniversary.

Thank you for reading my post 😊

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Oh ya. I haven't done that yet. Thank you! I will vote for you :)

Two dolphins! Those are perfect shadows for here on Steem! Thanks so much for coming to the anniversary party!


Thank you for welcoming us with open arms! :)
Dolphin dreammmm!

Hi @marblesz
Welcome to Steemit and all other platforms.
Glad you had fun
This is beautiful work.
Keep up the good work.


Thank you @mariita52! Yes it was fun. I hope to continue to find inspiration :)

A big WOW for this and welcome to the club!

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Thank you @sarimanok! It is nice to be part of the club :)

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Thank you!😃