Little papaya leaves : Shadow Photo Contest- Round 105


This papaya plant started growing in the pot a few weeks or months ago. It was not intended to be there but somehow the soil had some seed from somewhere and here it was:


I like the distinct shapes that were shown from the shadow with the younger leaves having just a simple 3 shaped leaf and as they grow bigger, there are more shapes from a leaf that turn out to be like fingers. I thought the shadow of papaya leaves look a little like maple leaves too.

I tried different angles to take the photos but I think the photo above showed the shadow better but this one showed the actual leaves better.


It is really interesting to play around with the object and shadows :)

I was just searching around about papaya leaves and interesting to know that papaya leaves can be consumed. Papaya leaf juice, when consumed is said to be able to treat dengue, has anti-malaria properties, is good for the liver and the skin, aids digestion, fights dandruff and hair fall, and many more.

This is my entry to @melinda010100's Shadow Photo Contest-Round 105.

I am a happy supporter of #featheredfriends too:


Thank you for reading my post 😊

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Very crispy shadow ! You are right this is fun to play with light and objects...isn't that a really enjoyable challenge to chase shadows indeed ? 😃


Thank you @barbara-orenya! Yes it is! Shadow chasing is truly fun and especially when we experiment with different light intensity and angle :)

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That is a really lovely shadow shot! So crisp. So happy to see another entry from you. Also thanks for using @barbara-orenyas lovely FF badge!


I love her FF badge :) It is so cute. But I have yet to make an FF post. Soon I hope :)
Thank you again @melinda010100 for giving us the opportunity to do some shadow chasing :D

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Thank you!!