Mint with different depths : Shadow Photo Contest- Round 106


Shadow chasing is truly a fun activity. You observe where the sun is shining and you see the shadow it creates over objects that are varied in different shapes and sizes. And depending on the intensity of the light, the resulting shadow can be of different intensity too. Sometimes, a shadow shape can be very unexpected and at most times, shadows are like beautiful works of art.

I spotted this little fella at the corner of the floor just the other day, shone over by the late morning sun. I think it was just before noon.

The thing that captured my eye was how different the intensity of its shadow was. The mint leaves, closest to the floor was the most intense while other leaves which were higher, had their shadows rather faded.

I was playing hide and seek with the sun because as I was taking a few shots, the sun hid a little and the shadow faded a little.

The shadow layers looked really like a watercolour painting or water painting. And I loved how the slightly jagged edges of the leaves were showing in the shadow too. It was not very obvious but when we look carefully, it showed.

Oh shadow, I like you so :)

This is my entry to @melinda010100's [Shadow Photo Contest-Round 106](Shadow Photo Contest-Round 106 Show Me A Shadow WIN SBI and ESTM.

I am a happy supporter of #featheredfriends too:


Thank you for reading my post 😊

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That is a gorgeous shadow and I love all the thought you put into creating your shadow posts! I'm re-blogging this.


Thank you @melinda010100! It was a fun shadow spotting :D

Good shadows ... nice plant. Regards @marblesz

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