All the 2019 Shadow Contest Winners!

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Here is a list of all the 2019 Shadow Photo Contests and all the winners!

I needed to do a bit of maintenance to consolidate the winners posts and thought you might enjoy glancing back through them, too!

Did you win in 2019? How about in 2018?

2019 Winners Round 53-104

Round 53 Winners- One or Two People Shadows

Round 54 Winners- Hand Shadows

Round 55 Winners- Tree Shadows

Round 56 Winners- Line Shadows

Round 57 Winners-The More the Merrier Shadows

Round 58 Winners-Animal Shadows

Round 59 Winners- Architectural Shadows

Round 60 Winners-Vehicle Shadows

Round 61 Winners= Figurine/Action Figure Shadows

Round 62 Winners-Geometric Shadows

Round 63 Winners- Rock Shadows

Round 64 Winners- Hat Shadows

Round 65 Winners- Favorite Shadows

Round 66 Winners- Edited Shadows

Round 67 Winners - Leaf Shadows

Round 68 Winners - Colorful Shadows

Round 69 Winners- Lamp Post l Shadows

Round 70 Winners- Sign Shadows

Round 71 Winners- Sports Shadows

Round 72 Winners-Misleading Shadows

Round 73 Winners-Reading Shadows

Round 74 Winners-Lacey Shadows

Round 75 Winners-Bird Shadows

Round 76 Winners-Feet Shadows

Round 77 Winners-Action Shadows

Round 78 Winners-Office Shadows

Round 79 Winners-Bench Shadows

Round 80 Winners-Music Shadows

Round 81 Winners-Playground Shadows

Round 82 Winners-Flower Shadows

Round 83 Winners-Window Shadows

Round 84 WINNERS-Beverage Shadows

Round 85 Winners- Walkway Shadows

Round 86 Winners-Bug Shadows

Round 87-Cooking Shadows

Round 88-Water Shadows

Round 89-Chair Shadows

Round 90-Scary Shadows

Round 91-Statue Shadows

Round 92-Show Me A Shadow

Round 93-Show Me A Shadow-No 2

Round 94-Show Me A Shadow 3

Round 95-Show Me A Shadow 4

Round 96-Show Me A Shadow 5

Round 97-Show Me A Shadow 6

Round 98-Show Me a Shadow 7

Round 99-Show Me A Shadow 8

Round 100-Show Me A 100 Shadow

Round 101-Show Me A Shadow with a Point

Round 102-Show Me A Shadow

Round 103-Show Me A Shadow

Round 104-2 year Anniversary

2018 Shadow Contest Winners

If you have bird photos and want to use the #FeatheredFriends tag, check out this wonderfully supportive contest from @barbara-orenya

Feathered Friends Contest


If you have 100 cc you can use the tag and reward cc to everyone who leaves a comment on your post, too!

Show Me A Shadow-2 year anniversary

Go here to enter

Shadow Photo Contest-Round 103- Show Me A Shadow

banners by @shasta

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Bang, I did it again... I just resteemed your post!
Week 21 of my contest just can now check the winners of the previous week!
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Great work ! It was a big task but now you have everything gathered at the same place, very handy....Bravo ! 😊


An archive of Shadows! 😁


..which is a great thing, actually.
I resteemed it to have in my blog, as well.

$trdo and !MARLIANS and some !DERANGED !BEER to you. or maybe do you prefer !COFFEEA?


Thanks! So many great shadow photos all in one place! Now to begin gathering all the 2020 Shadows!


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Some seriously cool stuff. Not seen any before. Well done keep up the good work


Thanks, luv! 😘 Isn't it funny how there is so much going on here and we can be totally unaware of what others are doing? I appreciate you stopping by! I loved todays weather! Can't wait to see what tomorrow brings!


join the challenge, then. 8-)

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You are the most wonderful hunter of good followers who supported you for two amazing years. And thank you so much for I became one of those shadow hunters.
Keep it up @melinda010100.


Making friends all around the world is the best part of Steem! Thanks for being my friend! ❤️


Yes, my dear and you will be one of those people I followed in steemit for a reason and I will be making a post for that initiative of @theycallmedan. That is really true, virtual friends through steemit is so amazing better than those other socmed. Thank you for considering me as one of your friends. Hugz and kisses!
Happy Heart day!


I thought about doing one of those posts, but there is no way I could just pick 3 friends! 😍


3 friends and more can do.