club75 / club5050 / Dolphin 🐬 I'm a Candidate to Become. I made all my earnings SP during the month of November. I'm 300 Sp stronger.

2개월 전

Hello to everyone. I have a stronger account this month. During November, I managed to increase my steem power amount by 300.

This photo is of my wallet on November 1st.

The second photo is the final version of my wallet. During the month of Lasım, I made all of my earnings into steem power. I will continue to laugh. I only have 120 steem left for my first target of 2000 sp.

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Bol SP’li bir ay olmuş. Daha da bereketlenmesi dileğiyle 🙏🏻


Teşekkürler canım 🙏☺️

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