Poetry vibes || i search you on the Beach 🌹♥️🌹


Hello steemian's hope you all are doing good. Love is the magical stunt that makes you feel stronger and stronger every time, love is about commitment and stay together.
i always try to write one or two poems everyday that makes my mind fresh because thinking is means a lot for me so i feel really love to share what i wrote

she's love of my life



She is with me she remains with me
She is the love of me life till the sky
I love her since she was become my bride 👰
She comes in my mind when ever i am in thrive
She is super cool, she is my school
She is bag of my back, she is book of my soul
She is my forehead, she is my lips front
She is my soul mate, she ia my soul mate
She is the source of my motivation
She is the most important part of my thrive
She can redeem me from nothing
She can achieve me from nothing
She is as important for me as night for day
She is as pure as rain in the honey in the bee


In this poem the poet will try to convey his love with his life partner since the beginning. He says she is with me till death. He added more that she is the with me from deep down inside the earth to up to skys. He promised with with commitment and devotion. May allah protect this couple forever.


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