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Hello steemian's hope you are having a great time and enjoying your life may Allah bless you and your family with happiness and countless blessings hope you enjoy.

These are few hand made craft that is used for home decorating, specially your drawings room decoration is must. And if you put thses crafty art there this will enhance the beauty of your home.
My mother use to make them in her free time and i got an idea to sell them on this community. Because because of this scorching pandemic every business at its worst.
There are on skill time your skill in tune to work on line from your hone.






  • all of these are purely home made arts and craft this work requires a lot of time and effort to make them. Because this is unique and very sensitive, because when you get distracted you will change your mind and the design will disturb. So you need proper attention towards your work at home as well.

  • you can ask us specifically to made articles that you need we also made things in demand. Because everyone has there own liking and disliking so that's why you can nakee it on demand..

All thses are made specifically with great care and lots of strength and struggle this work need lots of hard work this is very unique work and in this era where there are machines everywhere and people letting their traditions gone in this time my mother still using her skills and she made all this decorating pieces.




  • if you really like any out of all these you can buy it from. Us and pay with steem this is one of the best way to permote your business and platform steemit.
    We should must interduce new ideas to permotion of steemit platforms for the best use of the platform.
    I would love to sell thses articles if you really like them you cann call me on whatsapp.

You can place you order here in comment box of contact on WhatsApp.



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Posthand made craft

Hope you like the work done.


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