STEEMIT IRON CHEF 2021 ACT 2 ROUND 09: Contest is now open - 40 STEEM to win this week + Amazing support for the top 3 entrants every day and many more rewards for entrants! Check out the Novens Ronda theme!

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! Greetings to my dear Iron Chef family !!! !

The expected moment of the Ninth Round has arrived, it is incredible how quickly time passes and surely everyone is eager to know our new theme for food lovers, I know you will make it incredible since I have seen very brilliant entries.


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Brief description of SIC 2021 Act 2.

Each Friday a theme will be announced and all our contestants will have until next Friday to submit their work based on that theme....

Act 2 will have 15 rounds in total and in each round the top 7 contestants will share a reward of 40 STEEM.

Finishing in the top 7 also gives you bonus points that will be calculated each round to form the SIC 2021 Act 2 League! Please note that in Act 2, only the top 7 will get points for the league.

If you need more information about SIC, please check the blog @progressivechef or send me a message on our Discord Channel or here in the comments section.



The topic our contestants will have to work on for the Ninth round is ... TAAAADAAAAAAAAHHHHHH !!!!

Homemade desserts

DESSERTS!!!!! Yess. 🎊🎊🎉🎉



Sweet Time is here! And it is that after having had the magnificent entrance of the friend @yolimarag now we want to give something sweet to our Chef, show your best recipes of that Sweet that they prepare so much at home, that Dessert that cannot be Missed in every celebration or simply show the snacks that you like the most.

For this round we would like to see what the iron contestants can do with their plates.

Be creative and share your best Homemade Dessert recipe with us and earn rewards


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Let us discover your recipe on the SIC level !!!! *Don't forget ... make it nice as usual and have fun in the process!



As mentioned many times now, for the second act, our main goal will be to grow the SIC SP so that in the future we can sustain ourselves and not wait for the support of the curators. it will take time, but we must start somewhere!

See the rules of our contest and please respect them to be eligible for the different rewards ....

🍒You will need to create a post and title your entry 'Steemit Iron Chef 2021 Act 2 Round 02: Name your dish' and post only in the SIC community.*

""Prepare a starter, main course, or dessert based on the theme of the week!""

🍒Put @steemit-ironchef as your post-payment payee is mandatory now and gives you a great chance to be selected to receive assistance from the @booming ! account!

🍒Only one entry per person is allowed.

🍒Be sure to use #steemit-ironchef as your first hashtag, so I don't miss your entry!

🍒Only new recipes will be accepted, so I'll need at minimum one photo with your name and date.

🍒I don't need to see your preparations/step by step recipes or photos of you .... just list the products used, describe your dish and add some photos of the dish to get my attention!
**Make it nice and simple!

🍒Post a link to your post in the announcement post and also share your post on our Discord Channel: Steemit Iron Chef Discord Channel!

🍒It's greatly appreciated to share your post on Twitter using the Steemit and Steemitironchef hashtag to spread the words even further!

🍒Esperamos que nuestros miembros aumenten al menos el 50% de sus recompensas líquidas (¡SBD intercambiado por Steem y luego enciende!) crezcamos juntos, únete al #club5050

🍒It will be an Indispensable Requirement To be part of the Club5050

Here's another very important rule ... be sure to respect it:


Try not to mention @steemcurator01 , to other curators, please, receiving hundreds of notifications is not a pleasure at all!

Check out this post to understand why you shouldn't mention him!

DEADLINE for submission is Friday, November 05 / 2021 at 10.00 a.m. UTC! UTC!

Participants who do not follow these simple rules may be considered invalid!

Be as creative, inventive and refined as possible, you will earn many points ....

Please note that only those who strive to produce quality publications will receive maximum support!

How are the entries marked?

To give you an idea of how entries are judged, below is the judging sheet that will be used for each and every Steemit Iron Chef participant / entry.



For the fourth round we will give away 40 STEEM to the top 7 !!!!

Below are the prizes to be distributed to the top 7 each week !!!

In case anyone else wants to grow the pot or contribute in one way or another, contact @progressivechef.


Community support

We are happy because again we will be counting on the support of the Booming accounts for this month of November

With the recent growth of SIC ... I think we need more support now to be able to provide support to the growing membership!

Every day, we will nominate 3 posts of SIC participants for voting ... if you want to be in those 3, all you need to do is to respect our rules and guidelines and, most importantly, put @steemit-ironchef as post-beneficiary!


The total points earned each week by the top 7 contestants (see table above) will be submitted in the table below to make the Steemit Iron Chef 2021 ACT 2 League standings!

Whoever scores the most points will top the league at the end of Act 2, which consists of 15 weeks / rounds and will be crowned SIC 2021 ACT 2 Champion!

The more consistently someone participates, the more chances they have to top the league!

There will be nice rewards for those who finish in the top 25 this time .... to be revealed at a later stage !!! !!!



By participating in Steemit Iron Chef, you grant the right to use your food photos for public announcements / promotions on different social media platforms!


Good luck everyone ... We hope to see your creative entries ... DON'T FORGET ... HOMEMADE DESSERTS ...... HOMEMADE DESSERTS ...... HOMEMADE DESSERTS



Take your time to create the best dish you can with an amazing presentation ... just don't be too quick to make a low-quality starter!

I'm writing this again so no one gets confused:

The EXPIRATION DATE for the presentation is Friday, November 5, 2021 at 10.00 a.m. UTC!


The higher the percentage of subsequent recipients ... the greater your chances of being selected!


Have a great weekend!
Many blessings ... stay awesome!


I want to invite you to be part of Club5050, which is an initiative of the Steemit team, and it will be wonderful to strengthen the platform and also for our accounts to grow in a short time.

Recent Power On


Este Post está Configurado para que el 20% de las ganancias sean para apoyar el crecimiento de la comunidad @steemit-ironchef como señal de Agradecimiento por las oportunidades que nos brindan

Agradezco a Todos los que me Visitan, leen y apoyan, bendiciones para Ustedes


Si lo deseas aquí ⤵️⤵️ Puedes

Conocer más de Mí 🥰 LOGRO 1



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Hola @decuartae Está Round será divertida, bueno espero poder presentar mi entrada. Éxitos espero ver muchas entradas. Saludos


Saludos amiga. Me alegra te guste el Tema. Y estoy ansiosa por ver tu entrada que de seguro será una muy buena presentación 💫💫

Me encanta está ronda de dulces ya me imagino todas las recetas maravillosas 🥳🥳🥳


Saludos amiga,amén que así sea. Estoy segura que harán excelentes entradas 🎊🎊🥳

hola amiga interesante ronda, ya muero por ver esas extraordinarias presentaciones que seguro presentaran muchos amigos. éxitos y feliz día


Hola.... Saludos muchas gracias....

Que así sea 😍😍🤞

Dulces, dulces y mas dulce, me gusta esta ronda...!!!


Saludos, aquí espero tu participación 🎉🎉

Dulces dulces dulces amo los postres y me encanta este Round 🥳
Espero ver muchas entradas amiga! Éxitos!
Arriba SIC!!! 💫


Arriba SIC💫💫

Amén amiga gracias por el Apoyo, veamos las bellas y deliciosas creaciones que nos traerán los Chef de Hierro en este Round!!!!!! 🥳🥳

Excelente propuestas voy a preparar mi entrada


Saludos amiga. Aquí te espero se que nos sorprenderás con algo muy bueno.

Genial. De maravilla este nuevo tema.

Estoy de regreso y estare participando nuevamente con ustedes.


Saludos amiga, bienvenida nuevamente. Será un gusto ver tu entrada.

O siii que dulce es está ronda!!! Ya estaré preparando mi entrada!!! SALUDOS 🤗🤗


Saludos linda. Siiiii llego la Hora del Dulce 🍡🍰🎂🍪🍩🧁🥧🍫🍬🍭🍮🍯 Je je je je je je aquí espero tu participación

Felicidades amiga te deseo mucho éxitos en este concurso, sé lo tendrás los dulces quien no ama a los dulces jejeje.

Buena propuesta!!

Hola amiga me encanta esta ronda🤗🤗🤗

Excelente iniciativa amiga, me encantan?


Gracias. Serás bienvenida si deseas unirte

Oh, una ronda Dulce jeje, seguramente habrán muchas entradas increíbles.. saludos


Siiiiiii🍭🍬🧁🍩espero ver tu entrada amigo. Saludos.

Upvoted! Thank you for supporting witness @jswit.

Una deliciosa ronda, ya quiero ver las hermosas y exquisitas presentaciones 😋😋😋😋😋. Saludos


Hola..... Siiii yo también esperamos sean muchos los que se sumen 💫💫💫🙏🍭🍩🧁

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Agradezco muchísimo el apoyo. 💫💫💫💞

Buenas tardes a todos mis amigos de esta maravillosa comunidad de steemit-ironchef. Y muy especialmente a mi amiga @decuartae. Aquí les dejo el link de mi participacion


And twitter:


PS: I cannot share it on the Discord without having the invitation link. Could you please tell me where I could find it?