VERY IMPORTANT INFORMATION TO ALL (not only in SIC Community!!!) : If you expect to get supported on each of your post in SIC because you delegated some Steem Power to the community...BETTER PULL OUT YOUR SP DELEGATION PLEASE!

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I'll be very direct on this post as recently I've been flooded with messages from members complaining about vote support (Booming) with me!

Let put this clear once and for all...


Delegating SP to SIC does not guarantee you for votes on all your publications!!!!

I was quite annoyed when reading such messages from good food authors...finally I felt like these authors are only here for money/payouts only!!!


My main aim when starting Steemit Iron Chef was to grow a community backed with a good amount of SP with the support of all members!

And I expected our members to be supportive to all...not looking for their own personal gains without sharing to others.


11828 Steem Power

I am the main delegator actually...with over 6000 SP delegated and 15 other members delegating between 50 to 400 Steem and that's it!!!

When we take into account the supported we have given to all our members since we started 6 months back...the amount that has been delegated to the community is just's hard to say this...but that's the truth!

Users have been cashing out maximum of their earnings...THANK YOU STEEMIT FOR #CLUB5050 INITIATIVE!

Yes...we do have some exceptions where some users depend a lot on this income...but it is sad to see how nearly everyone has cashed out all their earnings and can't even support the community back...

Some time back...I did not fully understood the #club5050 initiative by the steemit team and today I want to say a big thanks to the one who came up with this idea!

#Club5050 will set many things right!

Thanks to this, members will have no choice to power up at least 50% of their monthly earnings and hence grow their SP and at the same time support the entire Steem ecosystem which will soon reflect on the market price...


Hope to get more delegations now on...

Now that most people are powering up maximum they can to be eligible of the curators votes...our members SP will surely grow...well let's wait and see if they'll give back to the community!

Not only SIC Community but in all communities...

I will push this even further...when delegating to SIC or any other community, please do not expect to be supported on all your posts, this is simply impossible for the community leaders to do.

From my point of view, delegating SP to a community is not something you are forced to do, you do it after making your own judgement, right!? This delegation must be your way of giving back to the community who has given you so much!

Not replying back to any messages on votes now on!


Today I replied to all pending messages and now I have decided not to respond to any messages moving forward talking about votes support.

We try giving support to maximum people out of the little we have...SO PLEASE...GROW UP AND HAVE SOME GOOD FEELINGS FOR OTHERS AND NOT ALWAYS THINK ABOUT YOU...YOU...YOU!!!

In fact...when we see our friends posts getting supported, we must actually be happy and cheer for it.

I hope the messages on this post is clear enough and I'll stop receiving messages on the voting system.

And yes...if you are here only for the money...please pull out your sp delegation to us please!

We are building something great for all the awesome foodies of the platform and preparing for tomorrow when we will be having more and more members joining in...

And to be able to run a community and giving support to maximum people...we need support too! Never forget that!

Thank you!


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Thanks so much for this nice vote...Club75 is my target before end of year!!! Expect me there and 2022 it will be club100 for sure!

Let's keep building!

U are right@progressivechef thanks for the advice


Most welcomed my friend! We expect our members to posts in the community without that 'big expectation' of votes as this is not fully in our hands and this support is limited too.

That's right, we delegate to support the community because we think it is a good one and that a good job is being done.

It is about supporting all the participants for their good performance in one way or another, we hope they all understand and continue to do the good work they are doing in their dishes.


Actually many members don't even know how the booming votes works...out of the many posts we receive daily we need to select 4 posts daily based on different metrics and we also have the club5050 to respect.

Then we have to see if the post is worthy of upvotes...then we also have to decide how t distribute the top 7 so that maximum people gets something...and not only one gets all!

It is when we have difficult members around that there will be more and more new initiatives from the steemit team that will be put in place so that only those who are here for the long run by powering up to get support.

he admirado y respetado la comunidad SIC, pienso que no todos estan por el dinero pero si creo que muchos hn dado lo mejor de ellos con dedicacion,empeño y sin contar con recursos, muy buena su aclaratoria pero la siento muy euforica, me disculpa,yo soy seguidora de todos sus concursos y no he merecido ningun buen voto lo que da fe que todos no estamos por la plata, soy profesional y tengo mi sueldo, pero si veo que el que mas tiene se olvida del que no tiene como se puede ver,deseo no se crean polemicas dentro de la comunidad por inquietudes que tengan algunos y que estan el deber de aclarar en un ambiente de cordialidad esas dudas que muchos tendran pero que no las dicen, saludos amigo gracias por toda la dinamica que tiene dentro de sic, esperamos por muchas mas cosas buenas, sigamos adelante sin odios ni rencores, feliz tarde.


Thank you for your comment my fried! I just will reply by this :

We have over 100 active members posting each week and we have only 28 vote nominations to give away...

If you can solve this...then bravo!

Actually...I know very well who is doing what and who is producing contents for others too...but that's fine, as I know the truth!

I will again mention it : I started SIC in the aim of giving support to maximum food authors on the platform...and I want only positive minded people in the community who like to help and share with others.

If you feel you've not been supported enough, then I am really sorry as from my information, both me and @steemit-ironchef has always given you maximum upvotes on all your posts in the community + some booming + steem prizes!!!

The support from booming is not guaranteed and if someone is posting in SIC just for getting this vote then he/she has not understood the concept of communities well enough!

Many will not be happy...but that's how it is and I have the goal of growing this community into something big and I will work hard for it...and to make it happen, I need people who is willing to contribute without hesitation and without expecting things only for them.

Ps. By simply checking on any user's data from the tools we have like steemworld and is easy to know who are here for the long run and who are here just to milk the system.

Thank you!


entiendo perfectamente amigo, gracias por su repuesta, se que me apoyan en lo que este a su alcance con mis participaciones en los concursos como los colores, disfrute mucho eso y me lo quitaron jajaja igual de la granja a la mesa pero estoy con las rondas donde una vez mas que otra recibo alguna recompensa y a veces la he pegado que entro en las 7 mejores, claro a veces, yo una seguidora de la comunidad y no quiero malos entendidos y aqui todos estamos poniendo lo mejor y muchos poniendo lo maximo, saludos y muchas bendiciones, aqui sigo hasta que pueda

That's right, the delegations are a show of support and we do it because we trust the community, we want it to grow and we know how hard SIC works to support each of its participants.

We will continue working in a fair way as we have been doing so far and we hope to continue counting on the excellent participation of our Ironchefs.