Macron- Blasphemy is no Crime & Religion can be Mocked 👌

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French President Emmanuel Macron has added his voice to the thousands who have spoken out in defence of a schoolgirl forced into hiding after she criticised Islam. According to the Guardian Macron, in defending the girl identified only as “Mila”, insisted that blasphemy: Is no crime. The law is clear: we have the right to blaspheme, to criticise, to caricature religions …what is outlawed is to incite hatred and attack dignity.

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Source: French President: Blasphemy is no crime & religion can be mocked

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  ·  3년 전

Freedom of speech is sacred. She is at the heart of humanism. But this does not mean attacking and abusing people or religions without justification.

Koodos to Macron. Questioning religion or even making fun of it should not be punishable under any law, especially in secular states.
I can understand that under dictatorial or religious rules that is out of the question, but it is unacceptable that religious leaders expect people to be punished for speaking their minds, especially in cases where those speaking their minds are right . There are tons of questionable things about religions that have not been solved precisely because of censorship.

We need more leaders speaking out on the rights to criticise religions. Any religion what cannot handle that has other issues to deal with and should not be issuing death threats. That should definitely be a crime and get prosecuted. Most of us are likely to be breaking the rules of some religion, but that is a fact of life. I will not defend those who encourage attacks on people based on their religion or other differences of opinion.

You really ought to give Steem/3speak a mention on the videos as they have less issues with swearing and singing Frozen songs. Let's break the Youtube monopoly! Getting some of your fans on Steem would help you earn more and they get something for voting too.


Good point @steevc!

I will ask @arminnavabi about mentioning @threespeak in his videos but I will wait for @threespeak to fix a few things on their UI first.

@atheistrepublic is sharing their 3speak videos on Twitter already . . and it comes down to about 1 Tweet from their official Twitter account every day :)


They seem quite open to suggestions. I am just talking to one of them on Discord about dealing with those who try to abuse it with plagiarised videos.

I completely agree with Macron on this. People should be able to criticize what they want,as long as they are not doing it just to be mean.

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what is even insane is that they believe their own religion is the only right one and those who do not believe in their religion are their enemies and they begin to kill them as a way to justify their own religion,they commit evil and use religion as a cover up,that is why i will never be a fan of any religion....

  ·  3년 전

i do hear some Islamist who claimed that Islam is a religion of peace but it is funny to see the same set of people going about killing others who have criticized Islam and i begin to wonder what happened to their so called religion of peace??