Air Force Updates Dress Code to Allow, Hijabs, Beards and Turbans 👳

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The US Air Force has updated its dress code policy to outline a clear approval process for
Sikhs and Muslims who want to serve while wearing their articles of faith. Under the new
guidelines, Sikhs and Muslims can seek a religious accommodation to wear turbans, beards, unshorn hair and hijabs, and expect to be approved as long as their appearance is "neat and conservative" except under extremely limited circumstances. The final review for the accommodation must take place within 30 days for cases in the United States, and 60 days for all other cases, according to the guidelines.

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Source: Air Force updates its dress code policy to include turbans, beards and hijabs
Location: USA

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Well, let's hope this concession brings some reciprocity. It is usually the case that non-muslim countries accomodate muslim's demands based on their religion, but the opposite is rarely seen (or at least reported).
I may be wrong or simply misinformed, but from what I have read non-muslims who live in muslim countries must be very careful to observe all the laws of the land or face severe consequences.
Even though it may be the case that many people pledge alliance to their host country regardless of their origin, it must be aserious dilema to serve the USA , a country that radical muslim perceive as the quintessential enemy, and its interests as a muslim.

Godd news! If something someone wears does not cause a danger to themselves or others then why can't they wear what they want.

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  ·  3년 전

Anyone can wear clothes that they think are comfortable or according to their religion, but this should happen within the general framework of requirements.

@atheistrepublic, In my opinion when people feel that their Religious Beliefs and Ways are respected, in a way it adds boosting essence to Point Of Integrity. Stay blessed.

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  ·  3년 전

i do not like religion that much but if what a person is wearing is not hurting others then i believe they should be given the freedom to wear it...

  ·  3년 전

now that their hijabs will be allowed,i hope they won't continue to get angry with other religion that decides to display their own dress code according to their own religion...