Pastor- Coronavirus Won’t Hurt Us Since Trump is Anti-Abortion 😲


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Nebraska pastor Hank Kunneman of One Voice Ministries believes the United States will be
protected from Coronavirus because of Donald Trump and his anti-abortion record. “Listen to the words that I speak to you at this moment, says the Living God,” Kunneman prophesied. “Why do you fear, United States? For I have spoken to you before, and I speak to you again. I have extended and opened a window of mercy to this nation at this time. Therefore the virus that they speak of, the prognostication, the diagnosis — my mercy is the quarantine that shall be greater than what they have spoken to you, United States.”

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Source: Christian Pastor: Coronavirus Won’t Hurt Us Since Donald Trump is Anti-Abortion
Location: Nebraska, USA

  • Song: Michel Angio - Laugh (Edit by Ender Guney)

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What? How does that even make sense?

  ·  작년

Good luck with that. Viruses do not care about your religion or beliefs. As you say it is all a form of marketing that exploits fears. Did he say that donations to his church protect you even more? Stupidity spreads faster than any virus.

The danger of this virus is that there is no real treatment. If a few people in the US get it then it is likely to spread. There are so many people travelling around the world all the time. At least China has more power to restrict movement and this may help control it. People need to listen to the doctors and scientists rather than politicians and preachers who have no idea.



  ·  작년

These are complete nonsense and manipulation. How did infections affect religions?

hank is misguided