Christian Blogger Say Men Can’t Be Attracted to Female Cops 😂


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Christian blogger and mommy-shamer Lori Alexander set off Twitter when she ranted about how men could possibly be attracted to women in traditionally male professions, specifically law enforcement and the military. It didn’t sit well with women (and plenty of men) who have spent their careers as cops and soldiers. Alexander eventually responded as you’d expect: with a complete denial of doing anything wrong, followed by a doubling down of her position because those women weren’t taking care of their babies at home.

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Source: Christian Blogger Ridiculed for Saying Men Can’t Be Attracted to Female Cops
Location: USA

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One of the reasons it has taken women so long to achieve all their potential and settle scores with male dominated society is precisely because historically there have always been tons of women willing to drag their own gender's agendas and aspirations.
In most cases, these "antiquated" views, as you put it, are the result f religious indoctrination. It is really lamentable that women have to struggle not oly with male sexism but also with female self-inflicted machismo.
Women in uniform are actually very attractive; maybe intimidating, depending on how they conduct themselves, but attractive nonetheless.

@atheistrepublic, Sometimes it feels like we are living in a Super Crazy World because Unexpected Subjects and things spread so quickly. Stay blessed.

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This man clearly has another problem with women. Women do no worse than men in the so-called male professions.

@atheistrepublic i won't be totally wrong if i say religion have made so many people to loose their common sense...

such statements like that can cause chaos in the society and that is why we must be careful of the utterances we make in the public