Lawmakers Worry Women will Stock Up if Tampon Tax is Lifted 🙄

3년 전

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In Tennessee, the male-dominated GOP legislature was debating which items should be
included in the state’s tax-free holiday when State Sen. Joey Hensley pushed back on the idea of including feminine hygiene products. His reason? Women would hoard tampons. Republicans reportedly pushed back on adding the hygiene products to the list during a Tuesday hearing, arguing that people who use the products could purchase too many if not given a limit. “I would think since it’s a sales tax holiday, there’s really no limit on the number of items anybody can purchase,” state Sen. Joey Hensley, a Republican from Hohenwald.

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Source: TN GOP Lawmaker Says Tampons Can’t Be Tax-Free or Else Women Will Hoard Them
Location: Tennessee, USA

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You don't buy tampons just to have them, people buy them to use them and they won't use more if there is no tax. So most people will not buy more.

Interesting. I wonder what kinds of items have been included in that list, other than diapers and school supplies. Would people not stock up on computers? What if they do? it would be for a limited time, anyway. They can establish a limit, otherwise, in the number of items each person can purchase, if they are so worried some demographics might benefit unfairly.
I think that in a prosperous economy, where people can afford everything they need and where infaltion is law enough to allow prices to remain stable in time, people do not rush to stock up on products that are relatively cheap and will always be available.
I agree that if the statement was taken out of context the apparent sexism may be taken out of proportion.

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why would they want to hoard tampons,i believe most of them will actually buy tampons to make use of it and not to hoard it...

  ·  3년 전

I have always wondered how those in power make imbecile decisions.