Christian Blogger on Hitting Kids: '' Make Sure It Hurts to be Effective” 🙄

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Christian blogger and professional mommy-shamer Lori Alexander said, "There are too many children who are being left to themselves. Their parents aren’t disciplining, nor are they training their children. They have fallen for the “gentle parenting” movement. They refuse to say “no” to their children or tell them what they should do. They want them to have a “free spirit” so when they are biting, hitting, and pulling out other children’s hair, their response is, “They’ll grow out of it.” This is testing God."

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Source: Christian Blogger on Hitting Kids: “You Must Make Sure It Hurts to be Effective”
Location: USA

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Well, I will agree that there are issues, serious issues, with soft parenting, or whatever they call it. It is a fact that some kids, everywhere in the world are displaying very agressive attitudes resulting from lack of disciline and respect. That being said, I refuse to frame good parenting within the confines of religion. I'd not reprimand my children because some god says so. I would do it whenever is necessary because it is the right thing to do in a given context.
Kids need to respect, not to fear, parents and elders. They also need to learn when and how they can contest authority. I don't want a shy, fearful docile child. I want one who knows when to accept that he/she is wrong and apologize if necessary, but also one who is capable of raising his/her voice whenever injustice comes up, whether it comes from religious or non-religious sources.

Well God was not a great parent who let his own son get crucified. Beating kids teaches them that violence solves problems. A little slap on the legs to get their attention may be okay, but if you leave bruises you are doing it wrong. My kids grew up okay. The fact that they are atheists shows I did it right.

Kids should never be hit no matter what!

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  ·  3년 전

Hitting children is not the solution. They must be taught in discipline and philanthropy.

while i was growing up i used to have this younger brother who was so stubborn and my mom would beat the hell out of him because she wants him to become less stubborn and become a "good boy "according to her....but i noticed that it seems that the more he is beaten the more he gets more stubborn then it was that time my mom realized that beating him all the time is not the solution,infact it will make the situation worse....

  ·  3년 전

as for me i believe that hitting kids because you want them to be obedient or take corrections is like an indirect way of telling them that violence is the only way to correct people and make them obey and that is totally wrong,hitting your kids would only make them see violence as a normal thing in the future and they would see violence as the right way to deal with people and that is totally wrong too and it is a dangerous mindset....

  ·  작년

I am so signing up as member already today. It's way overdue that the fast growing percentage of atheists become more militant in our resistance against emotional terrorism. Eating their babies isn't enough, we need to oppose their hallucinations in public where they drag it into, in front of their victims. We need to show children it's not okay when their parents lie to them, and that way we'll break the cycle of indoctrination.