My Secular Advocacy

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I posted this in my own blog, and I wanted to share it here in #atheism:

Hello Everyone,

My name is JP, and I am a secular advocate. I advocate for the rights of nonreligious and religious people, for people who believe differently to coexist harmoniously.

My first task is to choose where and how to do my activism. I started by making Facebook friends and Twitter followers of many people from around the world. From them and from my lay research online, I started to learn which of their countries had the most religious persecution. It is this persecution that I am fighting. I selected Nigeria and Egypt as the two countries with which I want to start my advocacy, because I have made friends there. These countries have a lot of religious abuse and xenophobia, so I have my work cut out for me.

Now that I have decided on two nations for which to advocate, I am researching, both to understand the depth and nature of the problem in each area and to learn how best to oppose the difficulties so as to find solutions.

I am excited to continue my activist journey, and I hope to keep you all posted on my progress. I invite you to join me in this adventure. We will decimate persecution, and you can take pride that you have been a part of the solution!

Peace and Love,
JP Bradt

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