Steemit-Garden #club100: DAILY TOP 5 POSTS 15.11.21

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Greetings to all members of the Steemit-Garden community! How are you friends? Are you ready to join the #club5050 #club75 #club100 club?


We are all "infected" with the # club5050 movement fjr this purpose, a moderator has appeared in our community responsible for monitoring the correct use of the # club5050 # club75 # club100 tag by the participants. I present to you a new moderator - @allahnawaz03. He has already released a post about members of our community who have already joined this initiative.

We would like to draw the attention of our @steemcurator01 @steemcurator02 that the Steemit-Garden community has joined #club100 and is actively increasing our Steem Power.

I am pleased to note that our members are actively turning on the power and building up their Steem power.

Over the past week, we see an increase in members - 682 subscribers who have joined the community and an increase in active posters -160.

And today I would like to present you the best posts:

1.@lensaphoto and his beautiful post about his garden


Flowers can decorate the garden of the house and front of the house, especially those that are in bloom, thrive with a variety of flowers and various colors.
we can say flowers can decorate around the house, and other pages, I made this post specifically for the steem garden.

2.@ratnakumbang an her wonderful post about purple plants


Purple is a plant that comes from Irian and Polynesia. This plant can be found in the lowlands to the mountains with an altitude of 1,250 m above sea level. There are three varieties, namely purple leaf, green leaf and white stripes. While the plant variety used as medicine is a purple-leaved variety called Graptophyllum pictum (L.) Griff. var luridosguineum Sims.

3.@veta-less and her amazing post about her window garden


Одной из моих проблем было найти белые каменные или керамические горшки. Я решила, что белый цвет хорошо смотрится. На у потребность в тяжелых кермаческих и каменных горшках возникла из за того, чтобы их не смогла столкнуть моя кошка. Она у нас уже сталкивала несколько раз небольшие пластиковые горшочки с подоконника, и мне приходилось убирать землю. Бедные суккуленты как то умудрялись выживать после таких падений.

4.@karlin and her beautiful post about reproduciendo hierba


He comprado unas ramas de hierba buena, está planta es muy exquisita en las comidas sobre todo en las sopas y guisos y contiene excelentes propiedades medicinales.
Muy especialmente la uso en infusiones calientes cuando siento mucho malestar estomacal o gases.

5.@allahnawaz03 and his amazing post about beautiful plants


To help plants act their most good, keep leaves clean and free of dust, and taking place at regular times take them out-doors to get natural sun-light so that they can 'power up again .

I thank all the members who have delegated their Steem Power to our community. This makes it possible to increase the percentage of curation of posts of members in the Steemit-Garden Community.

1.@greatketty 100.014
2.@humaidi 200.293
3.@leigth 50.015
4.@liasteem 300.677
5.@menfita 100.039
6.@papi.mati 50.069
7.@sailawana 50.056
8.@taillah 100.102
9.@vipnata 2,200.018
10.@willeusz 100.146
11.@yahnel 100.093

I invite all members to join the delegates and delegate your Steem Power to our community @hive-180821

Thanks for your reading, friends!

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I'm very happy to hear that, I'm also very grateful to @hive-180821.


Thanks, my friend!


you're welcome, I'm also very grateful, for all the support.

thank you for the information, I will be happy to help give my delegation, to the steemgarden community account.



Great, thanks my friend!

Hola. Gracias por la mención y me gustaría delegar. Saludos...


Thanks to you, dear @karlin

I will increase my delegate


Great, thanks!


With my pleasure

congratulations ♥️

Congratulations to All selected members #club5050 ⭐♥️😊

@steemcurator01, Thank you so much for such high support from the community and all participants. You make us happy!

Congratulations all seclect member.

I hope my post will also be selected in the top 5


Necessarily! Write quality posts, original photos, no plagiarism and your post will be in the top. See you at the top!