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Trees provide beauty as well as oxygen.

There are many trees in the world and there are beautiful trees but there are some trees that are pleasing to the heart. had been


Planting trees reduces pollution of the environment and trees are beneficial in summer. These trees are considered as expensive trees. The one who planted them was very fond of trees but due to some compulsion Sell ​​it next and the trees that he planted in it look beautiful and you have no one to take care of it and this helpless tree stands without water and without any growth but still looks beautiful


These trees are like palm trees and when they get smaller they look beautiful and gradually start to grow. They are attached and they bite the hands. The branches of the tree should be touched very carefully. The hand may be injured.

This tree is one of the most beautiful trees in the world. It is a tree that grows smaller and then grows into a tree. The tree will grow and grow. Its branches have begun to spread rapidly.

And besides, the trees also looked beautiful which had grown big and their branches were spread out and presented beautiful landscapes. The tree that gives it provides oxygen to ten people. The world and future generations will benefit. If we plant trees and think of future generations, the area will look beautiful and people will be provided with oxygen.

As you can see the palm trees were offering these beautiful views and when it was parked and the trees were planted then the scenery was different but now due to lack of water park here The trees have been uprooted but the trees have grown but you will not harm them. When it rains they will soak themselves and the rain water will reach their roots and The leaves will remain green.


There are some evergreens standing here. These plants look beautiful. This plant is often seen in parks. It has small leaves and its branches are very beautiful. It will not hurt the hand as soon as you touch it. Is

Planting trees and shrubs makes the area look beautiful and can also make up for the lack of oxygen and these trees are beneficial in summer. Considering the beauty of the area, many people have planted trees here. But there are fewer trees than the number of trees to be planted because we are facing shortage of many trees because there are some areas where there are no trees due to drought but there is no shortage of water in our area and there are trees here. They plant and cut down trees and then plant new trees.

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