Difficulties in the life of a farmer

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Asslam-o-Alaikum to all,

I hope you all are well. Today in this post i am going to share villager's life and fields pics with hope you like this post.

In one place it is said: “ALLAH loves the trustworthy.” ALLAH says (interpretation of the meaning): ALLAH is sufficient for him who puts his trust in ALLAH. And the hadeeth says: “If you put your trust in ALLAH as He has the right to trust, then ALLAH will provide for you as He provides for the birds that are hungry in the morning and full in the evening. Let's return. " Therefore, a person should adopt lawful means and measures, but he should rely on ALLAH Almighty alone, follow the Shari'ah, perform his duties and avoid prohibitions, fear the wrath of Allah and avoid sins and misdeeds, and Hope for forgiveness from ALLAH's vast mercy.


The agricultural area under cultivation in Pakistan is mostly small farmers. There are majority of such farmers who have agricultural land ranging from a few canals to twenty acres. These farmers are more important in our agriculture. These are the farmers. They have been in dire straits for years. This rapidity of time has left these farmers in a quandary. The compensation they get from the crops they cultivate is falling far short of their daily needs. Their needs are increasing day by day, pushing their jobs.


The debt burden is increasing. The situation of some farmers is such that they have been burdened with debts for years. The forefathers also ended their lives by reducing the burden of this debt. Some have inherited lands inherited from their previous generations. In return for which they do not curse their elders, but some will. According to some thinkers, this middle class associated with the agricultural sector has been in a dilemma from the very beginning. Urban and civic issues have been included in the priorities of every government.


According to some, not only the government but also the so-called Civic issues and their solutions have been a priority for organizations and even the media.


Due to lack of knowledge, this middle class has also failed to speak up for its rights. On the other hand, the priorities of political parties have also included the city and the urban population. Political parties and the government only need to gain their reputation and votes. They have no interest in the fact that the largest sector of agriculture in Pakistan is the backbone of our economy or that the greed for power has always neglected the agricultural areas.


Indeed, this includes the farmers' own ignorance and big mistakes. No government has ever sincerely done anything for the sovereignty of this middle class. New credit schemes are being introduced. Trapped, the small farmer spends his life in mental anguish. Billions of billions of rupees of subsidies go nowhere. No small farmer has ever benefited directly from any subsidy. On the contrary, only big stockholders and big landlords. They are benefiting from this. In this feudal system, the practice of beating the dhandis is also quite old.


Is bothering In this corrupt system, the small farmer has always been outnumbered. It continues at the same pace even today. Rising rates of fertilizers and pesticides are inciting small farmers to end their lives by drinking the same poison. Rising rates of diesel Prices of agricultural implements and their quality indicate that farmers can get rid of difficult conditions by pushing them under the tractor. In the end, inappropriate rates of crops, the farmer is forced to do so.


They are attracted to be buried with the harvest. So that the blood and sweat of the farmer is not removed. So that they cannot raise their children. The farmer dies every day. But 'middle man' means a businessman. In the form of elites, dealers, etc., have contracted the farmers to burn them to ashes, to wipe them off the face of the earth. This is a dynamic group that directly controls the rates of farmers' crops. The farmer has to sell his crop to them. Saving is his hobby.


The government and its beloved Department of Agriculture have always been asleep in this whole affair. Let it be the duty of this department. Times have changed. Innovation has come in the world. Great advances have been made in the field of agriculture. Yes, but it is possible that our Department of Agriculture may have missed out on this.


Due to lack of awareness and lack of modern machinery, our farmers are still growing the same rice crop, the same wheat crop and other commodities that their forefathers used to plant years ago. And the same production average is coming out. The same old few tractor companies are still ruling today as they were years ago. Farmers are forced to buy the same old-fashioned machinery that the world stopped using years ago. Ignorant farmers who only know that they have to apply red medicine and white fertilizer. They don't even know that there is a check up of the land, which gives knowledge about the fertility of the land.


On this basis, according to the report, they will have to add chemicals. But our beloved Department of Agriculture and our self-interested governments may never have needed to be aware of this. Because even the big landlords and elites are benefiting from modern farming methods. The issue is only of those farmers whose votes can be bought, unlike the street drains and petty greed.


After all, who will see what the performance of the agriculture department is? What is the role of this department? Who will decide what to do for the small and distressed small farmers in the majority? When will the time come when the imprint of pampering on the departments will end? Who will keep the ointment? How long will the towers of corruption continue to stand in the name of such subsidies? How long will our economy and agriculture continue to look after our interests?


The people have confidence in the present government. The seriousness of the government can be gauged from the work on this serious issue which was not considered as a problem by the previous governments.

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